First appearance "Live and Let Dine"
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Languages English
Nationality Vietnamese
Occupation Spa Services Performer at The Tuntmore
Skills fish fighting, manicure, pedicure
Personal Life
Relationships Pam Poovey (friend)

Chi is introduced as Pam Poovey's translator at the underground fish fights in "Live and Let Dine". Later she appears giving spa treatments to Sterling Archer at The Tuntmore in "The Honeymooners". She later appears in "White Elephant" as a guerrilla fighter who criticizes Archer about a compass after they accidentally invade Laos.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • In Live and Let Dine, Chi is Pam Poovey's translator when she uses Germaine in a fish fight. She says, in a southern Vietnamese accent, "Tôi cá với mày, 5 ngàn, con cá Germaine sẽ giết con cá của mày!" ("I bet you 5 thousand that this Germaine fish will kill your fish!") Here, the polite pronoun tôi ("I/me") is paired with the impolite mày ("you") which is somewhat awkward and unrealistic.
  • In The Honeymooners, she gives Sterling Archer a manicure and pedicure.
  • In Un Chien Tangerine, she is seen at Pam Poovey's underground fight club.
  • In White Elephant, Chi appears as a guerrilla fighter invading Laos with Sterling Archer.
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