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"Oh my God, you like... sneeze glitter."

Charles is one half of a freelance hit squad known to do work for the Castro regime in communist Cuba ("Honeypot"). In addition to being a gun for hire Charles is a hair dresser. Charles works with another gay hit man named Rudy, the details of their relationship are not known. Charles and Rudy provided Sterling Archer with tips on how to appear more homosexual during his attempt to run a honey pot on Ramon to recover a sex tape of his mother and Nikolai Jakov. Charles and Rudy attempt to kill Sterling and Ramon in Malory’s South Beach apartment, and narrowly escape being fragged by a claymore mine.

Charles and Rudy are later shown in Season 5 episode 2 when they are buyers for coke for a deal Malory had set up through Ramon. They betray Archer and steal the coke. Then later they are shown to be killed by Ramon in a effort to get the money back. But in the episode Archer and Lana were tricked by the trio into thinking they were dead so they are not later targeted.

Dream Personas[]



  • Charles waxes his scrotum
  • Charles has a mortgage


  • "Bilingual Snap!"