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Cecil Tunt is a member of the Tunt family. He is Cheryl Tunt’s brother and only surviving relative. As such, he is entitled to inherit half of the Tunt family fortune of one billion dollars, and is currently in charge of maintaining the trust fund containing their inheritance. Cheryl avoids speaking to Cecil and describes him as disgusting. He is in a relationship with Tiffy, whom Cheryl describes as a "brother stealer."

Season 4[]

Cecil's first appearance in the series is in "Sea Tunt: Part I." His appearance changed drastically from his portrait in the Tunt Mansion; in "Sea Tunt" he has no beard, no red/auburn hair he has gained some weight. Cecil is apparently a vegan, possibly because Tiffy is. He is revealed to be overly philanthropic, which is unfortunately coupled with the fact that he is a terrible businessman. Several of his charities are useless/poorly conceived ("One Laptop per Child Soldier" became one thousand laptops per warlord, for example). 

Cecil owns a luxurious helicopter, which is used to transport the ISIS team out to sea in "Sea Tunt: Part I".

In "Sea Tunt: Part II", it was revealed he gave Murphy an incredibly large salary three years in advance, a move that led Murphy to describe Cecil as "the world's worst negotiator." Cecil also approved the budget for the $200 million underwater research facility without reading it, a facility that by Murphy's own admission produced very little research of any scientific value.

Cecil's fortune was restored (and then some) with the destruction of the underwater research facility, which was insured for three times its value.

Season 8[]

Cecil re-appears for Season 8: Archer Dreamland as Cecil Vandertunt, now heir to a vast publishing fortune. In "Ladyfingers ", Cecil negotiates the ransom for the return of his sister from Mother and requests as evidence of having her. In "Sleepers Wake" Cecil arranges for the ransom money to be exchanged with Sterling Archer, but it is revealed he is also working with Cyril Figgis and Pam Poovey, the two crooked police detectives. It is revealed that Cecil Vandertunt has a seemingly perverse sense of humour and an unorthodox affinity for taboos, including incest and eating cuy. In "Gramercy, Halberd!" Cecil is shot three times (in both arms and his right leg) by bullets deflected from Dutch and is taken to hospital. 


  • Cecil is voiced by Eugene Mirman who also voices the character of Gene Belcher on Bob's Burgers which also stars H. Jon Benjamin ( Sterling Archer ) as the titular character Bob and Kristen Schaal ( Cecil's girlfriend Tiffy ) as his younger sister Louise.
    • Interestingly, both Gene and Louise made non-speaking appearances at the beginning of the season, when Archer thought he was Bob Belcher.
  • Cecil's change in character design from what is first seen in the Tunt Family's portrait was done to better match the physical appearance of his voice actor Eugene Mirman.
  • Cecil's affectionate nickname for Cheryl is "Beans".
  • It is unknown if Cecil is older or younger than Cheryl, though it could be likely that they are twins.


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