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Captaine Reynaud

Capitaine Reynaud is the dream persona of Ray in Season 9 "Danger Island".


"Mitimotu’s gendarmerie (as well as jail, magistrate, etc) are run by the Frenchman, Capitaine Reynaud. He is impeccably uniformed, closeted gay, openly French, and secretly involved in various criminal enterprises. Some of those enterprises include Malory - each having enough dirt on the other to bury themselves many times over."[1]


Reynaud wears a gendarmes uniform, complete with jodhpurs hat and silver tipped swagger stick.  He has blond hair and a moustache.

Character Traits[]

Clipped, short-tempered, melodramatic, corrupt/bent and closeted homosexual.

Cultural References[]

  • Casablanca (1942):  Reynaud is an homage to Claude Rains in the classic film, where he plays Captain Louis Renault, who is also “shocked” that gambling is going on at Rick’s Cafe. (Video Ref)  Reynaud delivers almost the exact same line, whereas Malory's is the exact line.  The dialogue switchs before a callback (gambling reference) followed by a direct reference to:
  • Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez (1964):
    Adjudant Jérôme Gerber and Reynaud

    Reynaud / Gerber

  • Reynaud wears a gendarmes uniform, most closely resembling the one worn by warrant officer Jérôme Gerber in this French classic.  
  • Pastis: the alcoholic beverage offered to protagonist Cruchot as he passes a restaurant on arrival to Saint Tropez; it is also the drink offered to Reynaud by Malory, thus reinforcing the references to both films.
  • Paul Reynaud (1878-1966): the Prime Minister of France during the German defeat of France in May and June 1940.


"Cochon stupide! Qu'est ce que tu as fait? C'était un cadeau de ma mère de Paris!  C'était-de-Paris!"  
[Stupid pig!  What did you do?  It was a gift from my mother in Paris! It-was-from-Paris!].


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