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Burt Reynolds (April 11, 1936 - September 6, 2018) starts dating Malory Archer in "The Man From Jupiter" leading to her son, Sterling Archer kidnapping him. Though in subsequent episodes it appears Burt doesn't wish to be seen in public with Malory.

Affair With Malory Archer[]

When Reynolds and Malory decide to meet at a bar, he runs into Archer, his number one fan, just after a girl turns Archer down at the bar when he was getting a drink. When Archer learns of Burt and Malory's affair, he faints. The next day, in deep shock, he kidnaps Burt and writes to Malory posing as Burt, saying that he (Burt) left town with a girl younger than Malory. Now in complete disregard to a Cuban hit squad that is in town with a price on his head. When ISIS backup come to both his and Archer's rescue, they are targeted by the hit squad due in part to a case of mistaken identity. When Archer and Burt go to save them, they make a deal; if Burt can't find them in time, he will never talk to Malory again, and if he does find them and save them; he can continue seeing her. He takes a short cut and finds them in enough time to help them in a vehicular fight. He crashes the attacking cars off the highway they are on, but the celebrations are cut short when they find to their horror a jackknifed oil truck at the end of the street. In enough time, Burt maneuvers Archer's car to slow their truck down by accelerating his speed. The episode ends with Burt taking Malory to a movie premiere he promised her.

Previous References to Burt[]

Sterling Archer has always adored Burt Reynolds and had mentioned him several times prior to Burt's actual appearance on the show.