First appearance Job Offer (mentioned)
Age 90’s-100
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
Personal Life

Unnamed sister/sister-in-law
Malory Archer (daughter)
Unnamed Child
Ron Cadillac (son-in-law)
Sterling Archer (grandson)
Brian (grandson)

Abbiejean Kane-Archer (great-granddaughter)

Bub is Malory Archer's and her unknown sibling’s mother, the maternal grandmother of Sterling Archer and presumably Brian, the great-grandmother of Abbiejean Kane-Archer.

History[edit | edit source]

She is never seen, but she is referred to in Job Offer during a conversation between Malory and Len Trexler.

Woodhouse held Bub's ring for the Archer family. When Sterling Archer professed that he intended to marry Katya Kazanova, Woodhouse gave Archer Bub's ring for the wedding.

In Sea Tunt: Part I, Malory said that she had good news to which Sterling asked if Bub finally died but Malory gave him a cold look and said that wasn't the news. From Archer and Malory's tone it is implied that Bub is still alive and her relationship with her daughter might be on the tense side based on the comment her grandson had made and from Archer's own statement its likely her relationship with her grandson to also be strained.  

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Malory mentioned that she had an aunt, leaving it unknown whether the aunt is the sister of Bub or her sister-in-law.
  • Sterling mentioned that he has a cousin named Brian, meaning Bub may have another daughter or a son. It is also unknown what kind of relationship she had with both of them.
  • It is unknown if she is still alive after Sterling woke up from his three year coma.
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