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Bryan is a former employee, or drone, of ISIS. Alongside Bilbo and other members of the ISIS support staff, he worked with the computers and satellites at the ISIS headquarters' control room. He is known for his handlebar mustache and glasses.


Bryan is most known for being a prominent background character who cameos in many episodes.

Noteworthy Appearances[]

  • He premiered in episode one, "Mole Hunt", working in the control room and chastising Archer for bothering him and the other workers.
  • "The Rock" - seen picketing for a cost of living adjustment along with the other drones.
  • "Dial M for Mother" - Bryan, along with every male ISIS employee (and Pam), lines up to have sex with Lana as part of her scheme to infuriate Cyril.
  • "Tragical History" - In the crowd of drones as Malory and Lana break the news that the mainframe worm will decrypt and expose the identity of every ISIS field agent.
  • "Heart of Archness: Part I" - After Bilbo complains about having to deal with the ISIS satellite instead of eating his meatball sub (which he says will congeal into a big, fat, disappointing blob of shit), Bryan asks "is nobody going to touch that?"
  • "Double Trouble" - in the ISIS Situation Room, Bryan reads Katya's displayed KGB file out loud.
  • "Crossing Over" - at the wake and later at the strip club.
  • "Viscous Coupling" - seen leaving for a date with another office drone.
  • "White Elephant" - seen in the office immediately before the FBI raid on the ISIS headquarters.
  • "Smugglers' Blues" - seen sleeping on a park bench in front of Tunt Manor indicating that he is homeless.


  • Bryan's character model is based on Bryan Fordney, the Archer animation director/producer.[1]
  • Bryan is never actually named in the show.
  • Has only briefly spoken on a couple of occasions.
  • Is shown smoking a joint after pretending to have sex with Lana.


"We frequently need characters to populate the background of a scene. We need someone to walk across the street in Tangiers or work on a computer in the ISIS control room. We call these characters drones. Our most frequently reoccurring drone is a handlebar-mustached man named Bryan. He has been in practically every episode of the show ... somewhere. Our most frequent background character is also the face of our animation director, the same person who decides which drones go where."
Matt Thompson [1]

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