Bort the Garj
Archer s10e1 Title
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Series Archer
Season No. Season 10
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Episode No. 1
Original Air Date May 29, 2019
Written by Adam Reed
Production Code XAR010001
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"Archer 1999: Bort the Garj" is the season premiere of Season 10, and the one hundred and second episode overall.



Archer and the crew of the Seamus wake up to the smell of shepherd's pie and see a business opportunity in their new guest.[1]


The episode begins with Mother waking Archer from his space pod as they had received a distress signal from nearby. Ever the opportunist, Mother and Archer decide to scavenge the wreckage in hopes that space pirates had left some goods behind. They space jump to the location and attempt to dock the ship. A turbulent docking wakes the rest of the crew members who object to the pair’s dangerous plan. As they are arguing a green ooze penetrates the gates of the ship developing into a green blob. The alien runs deep into the ship. Terrified of an unknown threat.

(Pirates, Money, Captured)


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Futurama (1999-2013): In the beginning of the episode, Barry-6 calls Archer "meatbag." Futurama may or may not have been the first use in this context, as this is a classic Sci-Fi trope . Bender the Robot commonly used this derogatory term to refer to Philip J. Fry and other humans.
  • Three Laws of Robotics - Isaac Asimov: Krieger mentions these.
    • I, Robot: The comic book they first appear in, as referenced by Archer
  • Alien franchise
    • Xenomorph - the name for, literally, an "alien form" / Pulse rifles
  • Ghostbusters (1984) / Slimer: Bort resembles Slimer, as Carol implies.
  • Pinocchio (book: 1883; film: 1940) - Krieger wishes to be a real boy
  • The Three Stooges (1922-70): why I oughta!
  • Firefly (2002): Ray's courtesan role is a reference to Inara.
  • Did somebody say pants? Catchphrase in a sitcom?
  • Halo franchise
    • Mrs. Archer is seen as a floating sprite who interfaces with other comm systems which is a reference to Cortana from this franchise, although not the first appearance of such a character in Sci-Fi tropes. Her floating form appears to be reminiscent of the Siri imagery from Apple.
    • The beginning of this episode shows Archer awoken from cryosleep by Mrs. Archer in an unknown location in space due to a distress beacon. This is similar to the opening sequence of Halo 4 where Master Chief is awoken from cryosleep by Cortana onboard the Forward Unto Dawn due to a proximity alarm.

Running Gags / CallbacksEdit

  • Nice Things Ray
  • Noooope Lana
  • Slappy hands Archer
  • Suppppresssing fire! Cyril
  • Get some! Pam
  • Phrasing (or space phrasing) Pam
  • Shut up Lana
  • 934TXS - On the patch on Archer's uniform.
  • Duhoy - a callback to Frisky Dingo - Valerie says this. Carol says it twice.


  • Reality (Non-Dream): Archer remains in a coma brought upon by the events of Deadly Velvet: Part II (s7e10).

  • Dream / Reality Crossover:

  • Dream (Non-Reality):


  • The MV Seamus is currently in the Altair Vega region of space.
    • The date is 28/6/99.
    • The co-ordinates are 19,50 42.8805 08,52 -8.5446
    • The destination is Earth.


  • Glengoolie Blue
  • tba [extra details, fictional product placement, joke techniques, themes ideas will eventually link to another set of pages]


First AppearancesEdit


(Archer and Lana fighting)
Krieger: "Guys, come on, we've been over and over and over this. The laws of robotics..."
Archer (interrupting): "It's made-up shit from a comic book"
(Krieger, horrified gasping)
Archer: "Sorry"
Cheryl: "Don't be, it had to be said"


Person 1: "Quote Here"
Person 2: "Quote Here"
Person 1: "Quote Here"



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