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"Bloodsploosh" is the second episode of Season 11, being the one-hundred and twelfth episode overall.



Archer and the gang attend a martial arts tournament to extricate an international arms dealer.



Cultural References[]

  • Street Fighter: While discussing the mission on board the airplane, Archer summarizes it as "Chun-Li, Karate Island, hadouken, got it."
  • Punch-Out!!! (1983-to present): Pam refers to Cyril as "Glass Joe." This is a reference to the character from the Nintendo series of boxing video games, Punch Out. Glass Joe is the weakest opponent the player can face in Punch Out, so this is used a jab at Cyril's fighting ability.
  • Glenn Close (1947+): Conway and Pam reference several Glenn Close films including Dangerous Liaisons, Fatal Attraction and Reversal of Fortune, after Conway suggests Pam could have quipped "Glenn Close but no cigar...." during the fight.
  • Muhammad Ali (1942-2016): Pam referencing Muhammad Ali as Muhammad all-over-the-place when Conway is moving to fast all over the dojo is probably a play of words with the Portuguese word "ali" and Spanish word "allí", both meaning there and sources of puns, jokes and references throughout the whole series.
  • My Left Foot (1989): Pam calls Conway "Daniel Day-Loser" after his left foot is cut off by a falling shard of glass. This is a reference to actor Daniel Day-Lewis who plays the main character Christy Brown in the movie My Left Foot.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

S11E02-Conway loses foot-Pam

Conway loses another body part.

  • Conway Stern loses his left foot, making this his 3rd severed limb.
  • Krieger's Deviance
  • Malory slaps someone
  • Upchuck Archer - Archer pukes after seeing his mother and Win Li suck each others fingers.
  • Glassassination - When angry, Archer smashes a glass in his hand.


  • Archer's coma is repeatedly mentioned.
    • Archer references being in space in his coma when talking to Lana about wanting to be on comms.
    • When about to crash through the ceiling Archer asks Lana if he's still in his coma.
  • Archer and Lana's sexual/romantic history is repeatedly mentioned.
  • Cheryl references her fling with Conway.
  • The unconfirmed identity of Conway Stern is once again alluded to.


  • This episode marks the end of 'New Better Cheryl.'
  • This episode is dedicated in loving memory of Ron Leibman.
  • Ray's absence is questionable seeing as he is the one with a pilot's license and him not being part of the mission (or episode) is left unclear.
  • During Win Lee's first phone call, he speaks to someone called "Yuri". This is possibly a reference to Yuri Orlov, the weapons dealing protagonist of Lord of War.
  • This episode is an homage to "Bloodsport". The room the fights are held in is similar & the second fighter Cyril fights is similar to Chong Li.
  • This episode is also a homage to Enter the Dragon (1973)
  • Another Glenn Close movie reference mentioned during the exchange between Conway and Pam is 'Hook'. Close was almost unrecognizable as Gutless.


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First Appearances[]

  • Win Lee


Sterling: "Oh man. Pretty sure I have the world's first Karate island boner."
Lana: "Could you not. We try to keep things professional around here."
Sterling: "Fine. God. How about, work related erection."
Lana: "Or like, maybe try not talking about your erection at all."


Conway Stern: "Pamela, so glad you came."
Cheryl (interrupting): "Twice."

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