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"Blood Test" is the third episode of the second season and the thirteenth episode overall of Archer. It originally aired on February 10, 2011.



Trinette accuses Archer of being the father of her baby son, Seamus. Archer tries to avoid paying child support by rigging the paternity test.


Archer's favorite hooker Trinette claims that he fathered her child, Seamus.


Cultural References[]

  • Paternity Test :
  • SEP-IRA: Trinette surprises Archer that she has a variation of an Individual Retirement Account.
  • Gill: Both Archer and Barry mispronounce this unit of measure. It is pronounced "jill", not gill as in fish gills.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art & Metropolitan Opera: Malory is afraid that Archer having a baby with a sex worker will exclude her from being placed on the board of directors of either of the two prestigious institutions.
  • Almond Joy: Both Archer and Cyril are shown to be eating a chocolate candy bar after sex in which they used the wrapper in place of a condom. Although not shown to be Almond Joy the look of the bar itself and the color scheme of the wrapper both match the popular snack.
  • Emily Post: Archer mentions the notable writer on manners and etiquette: When Malory says "Where are your manners?", Archer replies "I'm sorry, I guess I skipped over the Emily Post chapter about 'How to Introduce Your Mother to a Hooker".
  • Kenny Loggins: "Paging Dr. Loggins" is a reference to the song "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins, a frequent reference made by Sterling Archer.
  • William S. Burroughs: When Woodhouse says: "Let's liven things up, Burroughs. Five grams of junk says I can shoot a pina colada off your wife's head." This is a reference to the early 20th-century avant-garde author who in 1951, at a party in Mexico, accidentally shot his wife in the head while playing a drunken game of "William Tell."
  • Malcolm X: Woodhouse mentions Malcolm X Tea in regards to the psychoactive effects of large doses of nutmeg, which Malcolm X is said to have tried while in prison.
  • Of Mice and Men (1937): Trinette asks for Lana to give her back her baby, as she is afraid she will crush him with her giant hands. When Lana refuses to give up the wee baby Seamus, Ray utters the phrase, "Give her the rabbit, Lennie." This is a reference to the John Steinbeck novel in which one of the main characters Lennie, who is mentally challenged and possesses great strength. Lennie is obsessed with wanting to own rabbits, but his caretaker and only friend always tells him he'd most likely crush the rabbits by accident, just like he did with the mice he took care of
  • Mike Tyson- After Lana gives back the wee baby Seamus, Ray says she "looked like Tyson holding that dove", referencing a famous 1985 photo of boxer Mike Tyson cradling a white dove (actually a pigeon) in his hands.
  • Igor: Archer mentions the stock character who is assistant to many types of Gothic villains such as Count Dracula when Malory tells him he must steal blood from someone to replace it with his for the blood test.
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM): When Lana angrily informs Cyril that "sexual addiction is not a real disorder," Cyril tells her to "wait 'till the new DSM comes out." One of the proposed revisions of the DSM-V is called "Hypersexual Disorder." It was not included in the final edition.[2]
  • Mission: Impossible (1996): Archer's break-in of the bank vault is very similar to a break-in performed by Ethan Hunt, the lead character in this American action spy film.
  • Barbie: Archer mockingly says that his diary can be found by the Barbie Playhouse. This popular girls doll is often associated with a three sided house that is called the Barbie Dream House which the doll fits into.
  • G.I. Joe: Lana says she can't picture Archer as a small child, and when she tries all she can see is a tiny version of this popular 12" high military action figure introduced in 1964.
  • Hookworm: When Woodhouse is running around in his underwear, Archer references these parasites, which are often contracted by walking barefoot in contaminated soil.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]


Ping pong paddle appearance.

  • Couple Things:...
  • 934TXS - passcode to access Archer's DNA sample in the vault at the First Savings Bank building.
  • Ping Pong Paddle: Visible during the flashback sex scene between Lana and Archer with the candy bar.
  • Me Too!: Krieger can be heard yelling this off camera in response to a variety of conversations between other characters during the episode. (see Trivia below).
  • Mulatto Butts:...
  • Turtleneck Envy:...


  • Trinette was last seen in Dial M for Mother (s1e10).
  • Cheryl, Pam, and Ray give Lana grief for dating Archer in the past. However, this has not been seen on screen because they broke up prior to the Mole Hunt (s1e1).
  • Cheryl again shows sexual arousal at being choked, this time as Lana attacks her. This fetish was first hinted at in Diversity Hire (s1e3) where dark bruises are clearly visible on her neck post her sexual encounter with Conway Stern.
  • Cyril mentions that Lana previously broke up with him which was seen as a result of her catching him in the act of cheating on her in Job Offer (s1e9).
  • Cheryl also brings up Cyril's cheating in a series of flashbacks which include showing him having sex with Jane on his office desk, which was not previously seen but was disclosed in Dial M for Mother (s1e10), Framboise in Job Offer (s1e9) and Cheryl in Skytanic (s1e7).
  • Chet is the second ISIS intern shown that Krieger has performed some kind of test on to the detriment of the intern. The first was Danny in Honeypot (s1e5), whom he secretly dosed with a drug to make him temporarily gay, which did not turn out well for the poor intern.
  • Archer again teases Barry Dylan about dropping him off a balcony and severely damaging his leg. There is also a quick flashback that shows Barry injured post fall on a crushed car. This is the conclusion of a flashback seen in Job Offer (s1e9) which cuts off with Archer refusing to help Barry as he is dangling off the edge prior to falling.
  • Malory once again demonstrates a rivalry with her as of yet unseen neighbor Trudy Beekman. This rivalry was first demonstrated when she set fire to her apartment after planting the dead body of Torvald Utne there in Killing Utne (s1e4).
  • Several non-speaking ISIS employees can be seen at the baby shower such as Bilbo and Bryan who were both last seen in Dial M for Mother (s1e10).
  • Archer is again shown throwing Woodhouse's clothes off his balcony (in a flashback) as a punishment like previously seen in Honeypot (s1e5).
  • Archer discovers in this episode that Woodhouse has a Heroin addiction, something Malory has long been aware of.
  • Pam is interrupted having sex with a passed out Cyril in the bathroom. After she is lead away we see Ray enter followed by the sound of his zipper being unzipped.
  • Cyril is again referred to as being well endowed which was first established in Training Day (s1e2) when his medical records showed he had filed an insurance claim to have a "penis-ensmallment".
  • Both Archer and Cyril are shown to have had sex with Trinette in flashbacks.
  • The baby Seamus is proven to be Cyril's child with the positive paternity test, but since Archer had covertly replaced his blood with that of Cyril's, it appears to be Archer's. This is something Barry was aware of from the start; this explains why he goaded Archer into making the switch and the ODIN agents ignored his clumsy break-in.
  • As Malory is going through a box of old stuff in Archer's bedroom we see Archer's baby shoes, christening gown, his first pair of lacrosse cleats, first smoking jacket and his first black turtleneck.


  • Archer's ringtone is called "Mulatto Butts."[3] One of the ODIN agents guarding the safe also has this ringtone. This is part of a running joke from Adam Reed's shows, where odd songs are created for ringtones for characters to use. (For instance "Cat Party" from "Frisky Dingo.") Adam Reed has said that someone has probably made this into an actual ringtone, as was done with the previous songs.
  • The use of 934, 934TX, and 934TXS: The lockbox which stores a glass bottle of Archer’s blood has the code of 934TXS when Archer decodes it inside the bank vault.
  • Woodhouse, upon realizing his "entire stash" of heroin is gone, says "it's going to be an itchy weekend," referring to one of heroin's effects. However, heroin causes users to itch while they are high, not while withdrawing.
  • Lana, throughout the episode, propositioned both Archer and Ray to make a baby.
  • Krieger yells "Me Too!" off camera 3 times at the baby shower each responding to a different comment made by someone.
    • After Krieger gives breast milk as a gift to Trinette, Pam says she made her gift prompting the "Me Too!" from Krieger.
    • Archer tells Woodhouse that if he wanted to see his bare feet he would sneak in and do it while he was asleep, again prompting Krieger's "Me Too!"
    • Taking the baby, Trinette says, "Whoa, someone's got a full diaper." prompting the third and final "Me Too!" from Krieger.
  • Blood Test was the first episode produced for the second season but was aired as the third episode. This was a common happening for season 2 as 7 out of the 13 episodes produced were aired out of order from their production.
  • There is a couple continuously making out in the background of the baby shower. As time progresses they become more and more into it, starting with just kissing, then stroking her ass and so forth... Bilbo is also shown to have taken notice he is staring at the couple and step by step, slowly getting closer to them.


First Appearances[]


Barry: "Oh and by the way, super crazy about the elevator pretending it's a dryer."


Malory: "Sterling Malory Archer you... are going to break into that vault and replace your blood with someone else's."
Archer: "Someone else's blood? Ya great, I'll just have Igor bring a villager up to my castle. Uh, Igor!"
Woodhouse: "Yeesss? Oh evening sir. Hello ma'am."
Archer: "Woodhouse, what the hell is this?"
Lana: "It's a baby shower."
Trinette: "What's it look like, you puke?"
Malory: "I think I can use a drink. Sterling...pick a villager."


Archer: "What's with all this glass?"
Malory: "I brained him with the absinthe bottle."
Archer: "Why?"
Malory: "What was I to do? Say, 'take a load off while we pump you full of heroin.'"


Archer: "Wow, I'm definitely missing that blood. Maybe if I drank some of Cyril's blood I'd...Wait what am I saying? I don't even know his blood type."


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