HighComs HighComs 29 May 2019

Tonight is the night for take off!

With only a few hours remaining, I thought I'd let you people know:

a) the crew pages for this season's dream personas are to be found in the drop down menu. (Characters/Dream Personas: Archer 1999/) The are all linked to the MV Seamus page, so no need to make new ones for the crew. Only for other beings/characters/aliens met as the season progresses. (MVS is just the manifest for the crew ie. the dream personas of the Core Group.

The convention is MV Seamus/Archer MVS (for example) - MVS being an abbreviation of Merchant Vessel Seamus.

b) the first episode page is in the drop down menu episodes/season10/s10e1.

The placeholder for now is S10E01 and can be changed when we have the name.

All that can be said now is enjoy! And have fun filling it …

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HighComs HighComs 15 May 2019

Updates in time for season 10

Hi gang -just to let you know that, in time for the premiere of season 10, the Archer (TV Series) page has been updated to include a revised premise along with a brand new and complete "Evolution" section - the former section was woefully incomplete. This has the effect of making that page more general, and allows more specific information to be situated elsewhere via rabbit holes which can be explored by those seeking more insight into the show's workings.

The "Trademarks" section which was on the page - and was a labour of love of mine when I first discovered this wiki a year ago - has been turned into a summary and a new page has been created for all that in-depth goodness. Doing this makes the main page a less cluttered and more authori…

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HighComs HighComs 20 April 2019

Update: I'm sure I had something for this...

Hi everyone,

I'm now admin - get some, get some!

Don't worry, I'll use my new superpowers sparingly, but I do plan on making a few subtle changes in order to prevent ants (issue/problems) and promote a few nice things (goodies and extra info) around the place.

The main nice things we can all enjoy are to be found in the new "Meta" section in the drop down menu (under "Miscellaneous"). It contains links for all the extra info about the structure and/or nature of Archer - the show and characters (such as relationship histories, back stories, hidden connections etc) - which I have been piecing together over the last year or so. Hopefully people will appreciate that. How can you not? This includes "cultural references" along with the "Frisky Dingo" on…

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HighComs HighComs 15 April 2019

Regarding cultural references

Hi there, not sure if anyone will read this or care, but:

I've noticed a lot of new additions to the cultural references page - it's worth adding them to the episode page too, as not everyone passing through will check the cult refs page directly.

Just a tip ;-)

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Jahn99 Jahn99 4 December 2018

Archer time setting

I suspect that Archer begins somewhere in the 1990s. This theroy is based on the weapons used and shown in the show. Cellular phones are also an indicator of the timeline, one of wich is a slide type phone. The first such phone was released in 1999. But these are just assumptions. I personally place the show's timeline 1999 and 2005. But then theres the KGB, a Soviet entity, that is called FSB today, because of the 1991 regime change in Russia. The Tec-9 is an iconic 80s gun. The clothing worn by the caracters, especially Lana Kane, has been worn at many times in the 20th century. Suits like Archer's date far back to the 19th century. but Lana's long boots and tight wear looks more 80s than the clothes worn by the male caracters. 

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RussianOlympian101 RussianOlympian101 18 November 2018

Season 10

What do you think is going to happen with Archer in season 10???

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HighComs HighComs 30 October 2018

Season 10: Speculations

I have a feeling Archer will wake from his "coma" to reveal that all the previous seasons were actually simulations while the crew of the spaceship were in hyper space. This would explain the mish-mash time frame and abundance of cultural references of the first 7 seasons as the mixed up memories of the crew. So, there is a possibility that when they wake up aboard the spaceship this will be "real life" circa 1970s. The reason I think this is that I think Reed has conflicting issues he is trying to accommodate. He is trying to: 

  1. satisfy the "waking up" faction;
  2. advance the story by re-animating Archer for potentially more seasons under different writers;
  3. get around the fact he tried to kill off Archer at the end of season 7 but the was offere…
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HighComs HighComs 26 August 2018

Suggestions for new or low-key editors

Hi gang,

HighComs here, your friendly non-mod Archer fiend. I have decided to take a step back as I have contributed a lot over the last 6 months or so (look at my profile and or contributions to see what I mean!) As this wiki inevitably slows down in the off-season, I would like to make a few suggestions for passers by, or new people interested in giving the wiki a polish.

  • Hit the random page button until you see one which looks thin or under-appreciated.
    • Maybe it has some typos you can fix.
    • Maybe some links need redirecting, or
    • References need updating with more up-to-date sources.
  • Look at these finished pages and treat them as exemplars. See if there are any under-developed ones which could be brought up-to-date and to the same standard. You can start…
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MetalSonicRacerX11 MetalSonicRacerX11 17 June 2018

Do you like dream land

I was wondering if you like dream land? I mean I don't like it because it was better off without dream land and plus dream land has gone long off enough. 3 seasons of dream land 8,9, and now 10. Hofully he wakes up because the more he's asleep the more seconds, minsnuts, days, weeks, months, and years go bye when he's asleep. So I want dream land to end soon and plus I want to see what's been happening while archer is asleep too. Which is back tracking to the present. 

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HighComs HighComs 5 May 2018

Insights: The Scientific Mind of Krieger

Insights (3):  The Scientific Mind of Krieger ' Doctor Krieger's scientific experiments satirically mirror those of Nazi scientists who evaded death at the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial by escaping to South America or continuing to work for the US Army's biological and chemical research division (Chemical Corps), either in the US or Europe (such as Kurt Blome).  Free of a humane ethic, Krieger shares the same dubious moral character and agenda, pursuing only the utilitarian goal of power and control - and his own sexual satisfaction.  Unhindered by 'normal' concepts of morality, Krieger is a beyond good and evil in a Nietzschean sense. 

Krieger's 'frontier' work operates in the same murky taboo and grey areas of science as his forebears which incl…

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