First appearance "Mole Hunt"
Voiced by Adam Reed
Hair Blonde
Aliases Count Snackula
Languages English (native)
Occupation ISIS Support
Skills Satellites, computers, other technical support, The Lord of The Rings knowledge
Personal Life

Bilbo worked with the computers and satellites at ISIS, as well as other technical support. He was a Tolkien enthusiast and had an exact double working at ISIS (as seen in the first episode, "Mole Hunt"). His voice is provided by series creator Adam Reed.

He lived with a roommate in Queens.

Bilbo is killed in the episode "Coyote Lovely", where Malory slaps him with enough intensity that it causes him to suffer a fatal heart attack. Krieger refers to his death in "Once Bitten" (an earlier episode, but one which was supposed to be aired after "Coyote Lovely"), where he tells Malory that he doesn't actually know how to operate any of the ISIS satellite technology and that "that was that fat guy you killed".

At the end of "Coyote Lovely", Dr. Krieger is seen rushing past Malory's door with a bin of hidden contents. When questioned, he runs off and the arm of the deceased Bilbo is seen falling out from under the cover. Due to Krieger's history of creating cyborgs, this is a hint that Bilbo may be converted into a cyborg at some point in the future.

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