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Benoit was a concierge at the hotel where Malory Archer, Sterling Archer, Lana Kane, and Ray Gillette were staying during a mission to recover a disk of data from Le Chuffre. He tried to steal the combined 401k's of every ISIS agent, only to be killed in an ensuing fight between him, Archer, Lana, and Ray.


"Jeu Monégasque"[]

As the Gran Prix was going on, Benoit checked Malory Archer, Sterling Archer, Lana Kane, and Ray Gillette into a nearby hotel. When Archer asks him his name, Benoit tells him his name, only for Archer to laugh, since it reminds him of Ben Wa Balls, a sex toy.

Benoit later checked in on Archer while he was relaxing in the hot tub. Archer asked Benoit to get him some towels that he could fold into the shape of a swan. Benoit walked out right as Archer's mother walked in.

After the reveal that Malory had taken the 401(k)'s out of every ISIS account except for her own, Ray telling Archer that the person who owns a bearer bond is the person who owns the actual piece of paper, and the group scamming Le Chuffre, Benoit is seen trying to escape with a suitcase full of money.

Benoit tries to escape by stealing a Gran Prix racing car, only to be followed by Archer, Lana, and Ray (having learned about Benoit's betrayal through several guards Benoit beat up). The three steal their own Gran Prix cars and pursue Benoit. Archer tries shooting his tires, but it fails as Benoit starts shooting back; a bullet hits Ray in the shoulder. Archer impulsively jumps onto Benoit's car and starts punching him. Benoit yells at Archer that he cannot see, so Archer should get off; Archer states that he is getting off, and is enjoying this.

Suddenly, an attack helicopter appears, carrying Le Chuffre. The helicopter fires a missile into a nearby mountainside. Seeing this, Ray starts to slow down in fear. Lana yells at Archer to get off Benoit's car, since Benoit is headed for a ramp. Archer gets off the car, and Benoit ends up driving through Le Chuffre's helicopter, killing them both.


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