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"Bel Panto: Part II" is the sixth episode of Season 7 and the eighty-first episode overall. It originally aired on May 5, 2016.



Archer and Lana go missing as a hostage situation gets out of control.



Cultural References[]

  • Purple Nurple: The purple clown goes by the alias Mr. Nurple. a purple nurple is defined as the act of grabbing and twisting a nipple of another person.
  • Attica Prison Riot/Dog Day Afternoon (1975): Archer says there is a jumpy S.W.A.T. team dying to go full on Attica. During the 1971 retaking of the Attica Prison, New York State Troopers & soldiers from the New York National Guard opened fire non-stop for two minutes which lead to the wounding and killing of multiple hostages and inmates who were not resisting.
  • Bechdel test: Malory and Lana argue over Archer flirting with Veronica Deane, as well as Lana flirting with Ellis Crane. Cheryl jokes about them failing the Bechdel test, which asks whether two women can have a conversation about something other than a man in a work of fiction.
  • Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris: Krieger's belief that Archer was sticking ice picks into the ears of the hostage takers is a reference to serial killers Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris torturing one of their victims by sticking an ice pick into her ear.
  • North American Aerospace Defense Command: Archer questions if the mansion's security system was developed by NORAD.
  • Star Wars (1977): When seeing the complex security system Archer refers to Ray as Ain't-2-D2 in reference to Archer's belief that Ray can interface electronic equipment like R2-D2.
  • The Outsiders (1967): Pam tells Mr. Yum Yum to "stay cold, Ponyboy" in reference to Ponyboy Curtis the main protagonist of the S. E. Hinton novel.
  • Mozart: Annoyed with the string quintet, Cheryl wrongly states "no wonder Mozart went deaf" when in fact it was Ludwig van Beethoven who actually went deaf, not Mozart.
  • RMS Titanic: Lana wonders if she walked onto the Titanic as she enters the historic mansion's exercise room, a reference to the Indian clubs, medicine balls, and other antiquated gym equipment in the room.
  • The Dark Knight (2008): The clowns taking off their masks and costumes and posing as hostages while placing the hostages in the clown costumes and taping guns to their hands is from the famous scene in The Dark Knight. Batman has to rescue the hostages and incapacitate the police in time; however, in Archer, all the hostages are shot with bean bags.[2]
  • Lawn darts: When wondering how beanbags could be considered a toy for kids Cyril says that they're just lucky the police didn't use lawn darts, a notoriously dangerous and banned toy.
  • Krugerrand: Archer forces Alan Shapiro to pay him $500,000 for the agency's efforts protecting the Tsarina. He takes payment in the form of Krugerrands, a gold coin exclusively minted in South Africa.

Running Gags[]

  • Upper Decker: Krieger renders a restroom unusable by others due to his malodorous bathroom practices.
  • Log Jam: Pam clogs up a toilet simply by using it.
  • The Giggling Sadist: Cheryl appears to be sexually gratified by the threat of physical violence, in this case being shot by Mr. Rompers.
  • Eat a Dick: Archer voices his frustration of being lost in the large house by saying "Eat a dick mansion".
  • Lana's Hands: While fighting with the clown over control of the gun, the clown comments that Lana's hands are so big.
  • I Will Not Remind You: Pam tells Cheryl to remind her to kick her tits off and Cheryl replies "No." 
  • Knock-Out Gas: Detective Harris tell Detective Deidrich that knock-out gas isn't a thing, just like Archer told Cyril in Tragical History 



  • Title Explained: Bel Panto is a reference to the novel Bel Canto (2001), in which a group of terrorists show up at a party and take everyone hostage, only to let most of them go after determining that they have too many hostages and keeping only the hostages that they think will bring the most ransom.
  • The purple clown's alias, which was unmentioned in Bel Panto: Part I, is revealed to be Mr. Nurple.
  • Archer mentions Cheryl has coulrophilia, a sexual attraction to clowns, mimes, and jesters.
  • Mr. Rompers wonders if emeralds melt because he says he is about to burn down the house and sift through the ashes in order to find the Czarina. Emeralds are a beryl gem, which contain beryllium. They are a soft gemstone, which means they are not heat-treated stones because high heat causes the emerald to crack and break. Beryl’s melting point is 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average house fire burns at around 1100 degrees, so while the emeralds may not “melt,” they surely would be damaged by the house fire.
  • This episode introduces two new commercial bumpers. The first features silhouettes of Pam with the dolphin hand puppet, Malory holding a champagne flute and Cheryl. The second features silhouettes of Pam squared up to fight, Lana brandishing 2 guns and Archer aiming his Walther PPK.


Cheryl: "I’m so turned on I think I’m actually getting dehydrated."


Krieger: "Oh my god. Hope you're not on septic."
Ellis Crane: "Ugh! Have you no decency man?"
Cyril: "We said only number ones Krieger."
Krieger: "I never agreed to that."


Lana: "Oh please, the only thing Archer's cramming is a very average size dick into Veronica Deane's very old twatch."


Pam: "Hope I'm not allergic to clown blood."

Episode Teaser[]


Archer - Teaser Bel Panto Part II

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