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"Bank Run at Mr. Bank's Bank" is the sixth episode of the thirteenth season of Archer, being the one-hundred and thirty-second episode overall.



Fabian isn't asking The Agency to rob a bank, because nobody would use those words.


Fabian gives the Agency their next assignment: they are tasked with sneaking into the Global Currency Bank tonight to retrieve the contents of a security deposit box before the vault opens in the morning. However, no one is enthused by this, as it sounds like Fabian wants them to rob a bank. Fabian argues that it is not, but they are not convinced about risking their ethics to rob a bank, especially for Lana, as her custody hearing is coming up. So, Fabian gives the group an incentive: if they can successfully retrieve the contents for the IIA, he will give the group back full ownership of the Agency along with a budget for the next six months. This gets the Agency more excited, and Archer promises that by the end of the day, they will get back their freedom from the IIA.

One smash cut later; everything has gone downhill. Pam and Krieger are stuck in air ducts (the latter cornered by trip lasers in addition), Ray is unable to get into the security room as every security guard is still in there, and Lana and Cyril are trapped inside the vault. After Archer vents about everyone being useless, Ray suggests he throws in some compliment sandwiches in the mix before commenting on how Pam’s skin has been glowing lately. However, Pam brushes the glowing comments aside as she wants to finish the mission before brunch. Then, Archer lays out a new plan: Pam will drill a hole above the vault so they can get back in touch with Lana and Cyril, Krieger will create a security alert to distract the guards from the noise, and Ray will disable the security grid for Krieger. As for Archer, he will go and look for alcohol so he can properly function.

Krieger accidentally hits the wrong button, causing a high-pitch frequency that deafens most of the guards, but Archer tells everyone to roll with it. Ray leaves the closet he was hiding in and looks for the security control room, only to be confronted by an older woman guard named Susan. Ray asks Susan to help him find the room, though she convinces him to smoke weed with her instead. Meanwhile, Pam gets in reach with Lana, who explains that they found the safe deposit box but cannot get it open. Lana is especially stressed because she was in the middle of a talk with her lawyer friend about the custody case. Pam soon leaves and drops down into a nearby storage room. With Archer struggling with being sober, he tells Pam that there is only one person that can help them complete the mission: Cheryl. Pam calls Cheryl and convinces her to help them out.

Archer finds a half-drunk glass of whisky in the main office and downs it just as Ray and Susan walk in. Ray lies that Archer is the boss of the bank called Mr. Bank and that he gave him the security job in the first place. Archer joins them on their trip to the security room while Pam gets Krieger relaxed in the vent. Meanwhile, Lana gets on the phone with her lawyer friend while Cyril manages to open the safe deposit box.

Archer and Ray get to the security room and switch off the security grid, only to keep flipping it off when Susan keeps turning it on. She explains that if the grid were shut down for a few seconds, the master alarm would go off, and Archer leaves the room to meet with Pam. Pam has a freak-out over missing brunch and reveals that she has been dating Alessia for a while. It has been going serious, and Pam is nervous about messing it up. However, Archer suggests that Pam push her date back a few minutes as he gets an alert that Cheryl has arrived.

Archer goes back into the main office to find the override codes but accidentally presses a button under the desk when he stumbles. Cyril says that the security deposit box is attached to the vault, and he cannot remove it, just as Lana’s phone call gets cut off. Cheryl enters the vault with a bank employee, only to get locked in as well. Meanwhile, Pam manages to free Krieger from the vent.

When Ray comes into the office, Archer finds the override codes, but Susan comes in. Susan figured out they were going to rob the bank, but she does not care and shows Archer the booze collection. Ray gives Lana the security override codes to open the safe as Cyril gets the files they need. With everyone together, they are soon confronted by the SWAT team as Archer’s accidental button push tipped them off. They run into the bank but reach a dead end. Thankfully, Cheryl brought explosives with her and starts setting up a plastic explosive to bomb out of the wall. Alessia calls Pam and reveals that she knows about the bank heist, bringing along a getaway truck to help them escape. They jump into the truck and speed off, with Pam finally telling Alessia she wants to be her primary in a polyamorous relationship. Alessia says yes to it and drives the group to meet Fabian. Lana believes that Fabian sold them out to the cops, and Archer decides to let it happen as he does not want to be blamed for accidentally pushing the secret security button. Also, Lana finds out that all the file contains are pictures of a random woman, making everyone believe that the mission was nothing but a hoax. They drive up to Fabian and give him the files, and he says he never planned on double-crossing them. As such, Fabian gives them full control of the Agency, and they drive off after Archer throws a doughnut at him.

Later that night, the gang celebrates getting the Agency back from the IIA, only for Cyril to come in and turn on the TV. A news report reveals that the country of Manatina is under martial law from the orders of the Prime Minister, the same woman they saw in the files. The gang realizes that they inadvertently blackmailed a Prime Minister to cause this to happen, therefore causing a geopolitical incident. Worse, Cyril finds out that the contract Fabian gave them was backdated six months ago, meaning everything they have done for the IIA since then was all the Agency’s fault in a legal sense.


Cultural References[]

  • Gremlins - Krieger says he has experiments to feed after midnight, referencing a big plot point in the cult classic 1984 film

Running Gags / Callbacks[]


  • As usual when loud is around, Archer brings up his tinnitus



  • Switzerland

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