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Babou is the name of Cheryl Tunt’s pet ocelot.

Cheryl feels buyer's remorse for purchasing Babou, due to his frequent sickness and medical expenses. She has shown up late for work on multiple occasions, due to tending to him. At the time, everyone thought Cheryl was lying because ocelots are a rare and expensive pet, and they were unaware of her wealth.[1]

While visiting Cheryl's home, Sterling Archer is excited by the news that Cheryl does in fact have an ocelot as he had never seen a real one before. He goes to play with Babou and gets torn up in the process. Afterwards, Archer insists on buying the cat a toy, because Babou is "desperate for stuff to play with," remarking "It's like Meow-schwitz in there" in reference to Babou's large, empty room.[1]

Later, while on a train, Cheryl takes Babou along in his own private train car (since her family founded the railroad company). Cheryl has clearly ignored Archer's pleas to get Babou something to play with, giving him an empty train car as well.[2] Babou manages to escape, forcing Archer to search for him, before appearing to spray both the Mounties and terrorists with urine. At the end, both Archer and Babou are in a police car for their behavior. Just like with Kazak, Archer seems to be able to communicate with Babou as if he had spoken in plain English.[2]

Cheryl mentions that Babou is still alive and probably "either puking or pissing on something she cares about". In Season 6 Episode 9, Babou is mentioned again to still be living in the Tunt Manor.  

Babou was in Season 13 episode 3: Claiming new teritory in the office. Babou was also noted to have taken an immediate liking towards Abbiejean Kane-Archer, who tamed him immediately. Babou also ate a Russian gangster.



  • Babou is a reference to surrealist painter Salvador Dalí's pet ocelot, also named "Babou."
  • Frequently sprays to mark territory. Even more so than an average animal.[2]
  • Characters frequently refer to him as crepuscular, meaning a pseudo-nocturnal animal or an animal active during twilight.[1] For instance the mounties shout "He's crepuscular! Get 'him Boys!"[2] These references are often nonsensical, indicating that the characters might not understand the word's meaning.
  • Babou is featured on the shoulder patch of the "pilot's jacket" worn by Sterling Archer in the spoof of Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" video.
  • Babou is alluded to in Cherlene's song 'Cherlene's Broken Hearts & Auto Parts'. Cherlene sings "And the ocelot, he pissed inside my purse".
  • Despite Sterling's comment upon meeting Babou, Ocelots do not have tufted ears. Sterling also refers to the modestly-eared cat as "fox-eared" in "The Limited", suggesting confusion with different animals (either on the writers' part or Jon Benjamin's, if these lines were perhaps ad-libbed).
  • An ocelot (most probably Babou) is the featured on the insignia of the MV Seamus in Season 10.

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