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"Archer Dreamland: Auflösung" is the eight episode and season finale for Season 8. It is the ninety-third episode overall.



Archer visits Dreamland and receives a big break that leads him to Woodhouse's killer. [1]


Following Trexler's revelation that Mother killed Woodhouse, Archer returns to Dreamland and holds everyone at gunpoint. After some bickering, Dutch returns to Krieger to receive his injections and attacks Archer upon discovering him there. Dutch reveals he's the one who killed Woodhouse during the ensuing battle. Krieger pleads with Dutch not to become a killing machine, and when he ultimately refuses, is killed by Krieger's cybernetic dogs. Following Dutch's death, Carol throws a chair, angering the dogs. Mr Zerk brutally kills both of the dogs, leaving Krieger in tears.

As Figgis and Poovey attempt to make off with the ransom, Archer accidentally reveals Lana is a government agent, prompting Mother to hold her at gunpoint. Mother first accidentally shoots Lana, before Poovey shoots her an additional five times due to incompetence. Lana dies in Archer's arms, as he discovers the ransom money was, in fact, a bag full of incest magazines.

Disheveled, Archer simply leaves Dreamland and places a baggie of heroin and a stone on Woodhouse's grave the following day.

Poovey returns home and finds the front door ajar, before making way to the kitchen where she finds a note from her Chinese roommates, thanking Poovey for all that was done and saying that they must leave for unknown reasons. Poovey collapses onto a chair and begins sobbing inconsolably.


Cultural References[]

  • John Browning: Archer points his M1911 pistol at Figgis and sarcastically says its inventor is the one who gave him the authority over the ransom money.
  • Hercule Poirot, the grand detective from Agatha Christie's stories.
  • Placing a Stone - the Jewish tradition of placing a stone to mark/commemorate a grave.
  • Double double, toil and trouble - Krieger says this line from Shakespears "Song of the Witches."
  • Don't chew cabbage twice - Charlotte says that Archer "likes to chew his cabbage twice" in reference to this phrase that means repeating oneself.

Running Gags[]

  • Jumping Right In:  Poovey starts the episode with:
"So, uh -"
[This is a callback to Archer's opening line in ​Berenice (s8e2).  For analysis, see Jumping Into Dreamland].
  • Pout - "I guess just pout."


  • Reality (Non-Dream):
    • None
  • Dream/Reality Crossover:
    • Archer mentioning that it's impossible for someone to survive getting shot 7 times, which is what happened to him in the real world and the reason for his dream world. 
    • Archer says that he'll see Woodhouse "next week - or you know what let's just play it by ear" which may be a reference to when Lana says she'll bring AJ by "tomorrow...or Friday"
  • Dream (Non-Reality):
    • None


  • Title Explained: "Auflösung", is a German word which translates to "resolution" in English, which is obviously referencing the resolution of the season-long Dreamland story arc.[2]
  • Dedicated to the memory of the late George Coe, the voice of Arthur Woodhouse.


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