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"Archer Vice: A Kiss While Dying" is the second episode of Season 5 and the fifty-first episode overall. It first aired on January 20, 2014.



Disguised as a doctor and nurse, Archer and Lana take twenty kilos of cocaine, hidden in plaster covering Pam's entire body, to a deal with an unknown buyer.


The ISIS team attempts to sell 20 kilos of cocaine to one of Malory's contacts. The contact turns out to be Ramon Limon (whom Archer met and tried to woo in Honeypot). In order to transport the cocaine to Florida, Krieger devises a way to form it into a full body plaster cast for Pam. Pam ends up eating pounds of the cocaine while Archer nurses a head wound leaving Lana to ensure the success of the mission. The ISIS team is duped through an alliance between Ramon and Charles and Rudy.


Cultural References[]

  • When Cheryl learns to sing while playing the banjo, she sings the solfège scale.
  • Ray's wheelchair and red checkered blanket over his legs is a possible reference to Professor X from X-Men.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Just a moment: Archer holds up his finger to demand he not be interrupted… this time while kissing, instead of beber.


  • Several scenes from this episode were foreshadowed in Archer's vice fantasy including :
    • Archer, Lana and Pam arriving in Miami, Archer collapsing in the back seat of the rent-a-car with a head wound and the meeting with Charles & Rudy.
  • Ramon Limon, Charles & Rudy have not been seen in normal continuity since Honeypot (s1e5). However, they were all briefly seen during the Archer's vice fantasy at the end of White Elephant (s5e1).
  • Ramon Limon mentions that he has been in hiding since the attempt on his life by Charles & Rudy on orders from Fidel Castro which took place in Honeypot (s1e5).
  • Archer and Ramon continue to bond over their problems with their mothers as they did when they last saw each other.
  • This is only the 5th episode not to have a scene take place in the ISIS headquarters.
  • The gang loses 20 kilos of cocaine in this episode, not counting any consumed by Pam.


  • Title Explained: The title refers to Ramon's supposed last request of Archer. It is also a reference to the book (and movie) A Kiss Before Dying.
  • Sky Air - While in Tunt Manor, Lana reads a magazine with an ad for Sky Air on the back cover.
  • Potato Puh-Treason is reminiscent of Lo Scandalo when Archer says, "Potato, pa-dildo". 
  • The brief cut where Ray is giving Cheryl voice lessons references an identical voice lesson scene from the movie Rigoletto.
  • At 07:21 the rear end of an Aston Martin DB5 can be seen. It was one of the spy cars used in the James Bond movies.
  • The scene of Archer waking up in the small walk up diner, is nearly identical to the one in the film, Scarface. Including:
    • Signage for the diner.
    • The pink Cadillac Tony Montana drives is parked out front.
    • The nightclub Ramon wants to purchase, "Little Havana", is also identical.
  • Archer did not even bring his Underwear Gun to the meeting with Charles and Rudy.
  • Charles says that the cocaine body cast looks like a Poppin' Fresh costume.
  • Lana's calls out "No, Leon!" when offered a cocaine cast is referring to Leon in Andy Griffith who offers everyone some of his sandwich in the show and is Ron Howard's real brother.
  • Charles mentions Le Creuset, which is a premium French cookware manufacturer.
  • The red convertible used by the ISIS team in this episode appears to be a 1968 Pontiac Catalina.
  • Ramon shouts "¡Por qué no te callas!" (Why don't you shut up!) to Charles and Rudy during the shootout and it was a reference to Spain's King Juan Carlos I's phrase directed to the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, during a Latin American Head of States Summit.


  • Archer's head bandages disappears during the beginning of the first meeting with Charles and Rudy and while he and Ramon sneak into the couple's home.


  • New York City, New York
  • Miami, Florida
    • Miami International Airport
    • Ramon's Cafe
    • The Swamp Park Motel
    • Charles & Rudy's House


Archer : "Ugh! This smells like a kennel but for dogs that are poor!"


Cheryl : "I know it's bad. I'm not ear crippled."


Lana : "You name it kid, a saving bond, a puppy, breast feed you senseless, just forgive me for what's about to happen."


Malory : : "Why the hell were you kissing him?"
Lana : "With what appeared to be tongue."
Archer : "Because I, it was muy complicado Lana. And the last wish of a dying man."
Lana : "Who you had a crush on."
Archer : "I, eh, no I did... just go smoke some menthols!"


Cheryl: [singing] Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti...
Cheryl: Do......

Translated Quotes[]

Archer: Ramón?!
Ramón: Sí, mi amigo, soy yo! (Yes, my friend, it's me!)
Lana: Wh-? You two know each other?!
Archer: Sh-shut your h-hole, am I d-dying?
Ramón: No, amigo, estas bien! (No, friend, you're fine!)


Archer: Hey, how is your mother?
Ramón: Pff, como siempre. Y la tuya? (Pff, as usual. And yours?)
Archer: Como siempre. (As usual.)


Archer: Lana! He's helping a dear friend!
Ramón: Sí, claro. (Yes, of course.)


Ramón: Dios mío, that would be increíble! (My God, that would be amazing!)


Ramón: I gave mi palabra. (I gave my word.)


Ramón: This is loco! (This is crazy!)


Charles: You still get your cut, 'cuz you-know who says good job on you-know-what!
Archer: What?!
Ramón: Por qué no te callas?! (Why don't you shut up?!)


Ramón: Is just muy complicado. (It's just very complicated.)

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