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"Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor" is the third episode of Season 5 and the fifty-second episode overall. It first aired on January 27, 2014.



The gang decides to use the counterfeit money to buy guns but Pam takes it instead to buy amphetamines from the Yakuza.


After being tricked in the previous episode, the former ISIS staff is trying to figure out what to do with a million in counterfeit bills. After debating what to do with the money, including getting weapons (as all of them were seized by the FBI along with ISIS HQ) they give up and leave. With everyone else gone Pam takes the money. The staff returns to find the money missing and Pam walks in with a bag of drugs, revealing that she used the counterfeit bills to buy drugs from the Yakuza believing they will be unable to find her. However they track her down and surround the Mansion. Mr. Moto (the gangster from Drift Problem) calls and demands the return of the drugs and Pam's head (literally). Cheryl tries to negotiate and offer them money however they refuse.

With no weapons to speak of the agents arm themselves with weapons from Cheryl's relative's collection of antique guns. As they do so a sniper opens up on them, hitting Ron and forcing them to scatter. With Ron in danger of dying, Cheryl reveals a network of tunnels under the mansion going across New York. She, Cyril, and Pam carry Ron via the tunnels past the Yakuza and get a cab to the hospital while Archer enacts his own plan. Using a tunnel to sneak up on Mr. Moto's limo he manages to fool the driver into letting him in. Overpowering him, he holds Moto at gunpoint, forcing him to make the rest of the Yakuza stop. With no choice, Moto agrees but asks that he get something in return to save face. Archer, part drunk from the alcohol and coming down off the amphetamines in the limo agrees to giving them five million dollars worth of cocaine by Moto, in addition to what is left of the drugs Pam bought and all the counterfeit money. As Archer, Lana and Malory watch the Yakuza leave, Archer states that he thought things worked out pretty well, much to Malory's chagrin. She then breaks his phone in annoyance. The episode ends in Archer laughing, as it was Woodhouse's rather than his.


Cultural References[]

  • Hells Angels : A real life motorcycle gang whose members have been convicted of and are heavily involved in the distribution of methamphetamine.
  • Green Hornet (1936) : Archer calls Mr. Moto's limo driver Kato, a reference to the Green Hornet's valet, driver & partner in all incarnations of the show.
  • The Price Is Right : The music played by Archer and the Yakuza henchmen on their cell phones is a sound clip from the TV game show.
  • Cookie Monster : Malory call Pam "Cokie Monster" in reference to her growing cocaine addiction.
  • Scrooge McDuck : Opening titles to Disney's "Ducktales" depicts Scrooge McDuck swimming in gold in a giant pool of gold coins, in his ridiculously big vault!
  • Yakuza : are members of transnational organized crime syndicates originating in Japan.
  • Led Zeppelin : Lana threatens to play the Led Zeppelin song "Moby Dick" on Pam's head to which Krieger can be heard over the com-system calling Zeppelin's drummer, John Bonham a pussy.  "Moby Dick" is known for Bonham's extremely long drum solo.  Krieger is a hardcore Rush fan so he's likely comparing Bonham to Rush's Neil Peart (who is also known for his drum solos)
  • Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958-1961) : Archer refers to Steve McQueen's character, Josh Randall who was famously associated with a customized shortened Winchester Model 1892 similar to the one Archer was using.
  • Underground Railroad :
  • Mr. Moto's Driver seems to be fashioned after Oddjob from the 1964 James Bond movie Goldfinger.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Are you hourly?
  • Nope: Lana, Ron.


  • Lana mentions the 20+ kilos of cocaine lost in the previous episode, A Kiss While Dying.
  • Lana mentions the seizure of the ISIS weapons & building in the FBI raid that occurred in the season premier, White Elephant (s5e1).
  • While going through the old ISIS files to find an arms dealer, Archer, Lana & Malory mention three previous acquaintances:
    • Spirodon Skorpio, who Lana remembers they blew up while Archer references the "three way" that he and Lana had with him in Skorpio (s1e6).
    • Conway Stern, whose hand Lana remembers tearing off. Archer mentions his suspicion that Stern had sex with Malory. Diversity Hire (s1e3).
    • Randy Gillette, who Lana discloses is doing life in prison as a result of the events that took place in Bloody Ferlin (s3e9).
  • Archer figures that he has been shot 26 times over the series (as of this episode).
  • Archer refers to Malory having shot at Mr. Moto in Drift Problem (s3e7), however, she does not recall (or care, for that matter).
  • Archer changes into a "slightly darker black black suit", similar to his "slightly darker black turtlenecks" in the pilot Mole Hunt (s1e1) and other episodes.
  • Ron can be seen reading a newspaper featuring San Marcos as the headline, foreshadowing the events later in the season.
  • Pam's apartment is seen for the first time in this episode, albeit only one partial wall is shown on screen.
  • Krieger calling John Bonham a pussy is likely due to his love for Rush and their drummer, Neil Peart which has been established over several episodes including Double Trouble (s2e13).
  • Mitsuko Miyazumi, Krieger's virtual girlfriend, was last seen in Krieger's lab as he is being arrested by the FBI in White Elephant (s5e1).


  • Title Explained: The title refers to Mr. Moto's motives for the Tunt Manor assault.
  • The Japanese (Nihon-go) spoken by the Yakuza boss at the end just before he drives away is a non-traditional metaphor. It means "to be grateful about money is the same as evaporation in summer". To which Archer replies "Haha. That is so true."
  • Sky Air - While in Tunt Manor, Lana reads a magazine with an ad for Sky Air on the back cover.
  • The antique weapons upstairs include:
    • M1 Garand rifle
    • K98 Mauser rifle
    • Spencer carbine
    • Maynard carbine
    • Arab Kabyle musket
    • Winchester 1886 Saddle-ring Carbine (sawed-off, mare's leg style)
    • Lee-Enfield No. 4
    • M1863 Springfield rifle musket (Malory and Cyril)
    • M1777 Charleville musket (Lana)
    • Flintlock blunderbuss (Pam, then Lana)


  • New York City, New York


Pam: "Scrooge McDuck, eh? Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom. Sweater."


Ray: "Now that's the song you should write."
Cheryl: "Ugh, or maybe one about a crippled cyborg who all he did was pussy-ache about being a crippled cyborg!"


Cheryl: "Jesus! Be more gross and Chinese-y!"


Moto: "Tadashi, what is wrong with you? you shoot like an old blind woman. You bring shame on your family!"
Ron: "Ahhhh the darkness!"


Ron: "Oh my God, the darkness, babe, I'm slipping into the darkness!"
Malory: "They're just pulling the drapes!"
Ron: "Still, though..."

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