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Archer: Into the Cold is a three-part special and series finale. It premiered on December 17, 2023 on FX and FXX.



With the UN voting to outlaw independent spy agencies, Archer and the gang have to work outside the law to save the world from an unlikely duo.[1]


The hour-long special/finale starts out by showing a brief recap of the UN statement from the final episode of season 14. In response, Pam and Ray discuss their thoughts on the issue while Zara calls around looking for a new job. Lana is on the phone with Pam and does not think the vote to ban private spy organizations will pass because they have too much dirt on UN officials, and thus will have to leave them alone to avoid backlash. While this is going on, Archer is waking up in the bedroom alongside two prostitutes.

After the intro plays, we are shown Lana on a small TV talking to the gang, minus Cheryl and Cyril, who are stationed in Rio de Janeiro. Lana tells them that their mission is to intercept a Chinese bomb that was stolen by some rogue Chinese gangsters who are in Brazil trying to sell it to a terrorist organization. Following this they are to extract it to a helipad. The gang looks at this as an easy mission, but when cutting over to Lana's end of the call Cyril and Cheryl inform Lana that things are not going so smoothly in the office. It turns out that Lana sent a misworded email telling all of the office employees that they were no longer needed. Lana tries to tell them that they are not fired, but rather have been put on hiatus, they don't seem to see the difference.

Cutting back to Brazil, where Carnival is currently underway, we see the gang in a warehouse scoping out the rogue spies. Archer along with Pam is in the catwalk and looking around at the crates until he finds the bomb and some whiskey. He tells the rest of the gang, who are on the ground hiding behind some other crates, that he has a plan, but what the plan is depends on whether there is any of the whiskey he saw earlier in their respective cases. Back at the office Cyril, Krieger, and Cheryl are in the lunchroom and Cyril and Krieger are trying to convince Cheryl to buy out the company. Cheryl says she wouldn't do that as she doesn't think they have any skills. While this is going on, refrigerator Barry pipes up and asks Krieger what the progress was on his body. Krieger says that he was making progress but got bored and therefore stopped working on it. Shortly after this Lana comes into the room and tells everyone there that she is selling the office and that she would split the deposit with them all if they help her clean it, and they could sell whatever they find. This leads them to the bottom of the elevator shaft with shovels to shovel out all the garbage, and bodies, they have thrown down there over the years.

Back in Rio, Archer manages to find a crate filled with the rare whiskey he wanted and then proceeds to tell the others of his plan after ignoring Pam's decent plan of faking being the buyers. Archer's plan is to make it sound like one side shot at the other, and this plan actually works great causing the 2 sides to kill each other, leaving the bomb unattended for the gang to pick up. After retrieving the bomb they sneak out of the bunker in a Carnival float and begin to escape on that. Back in the elevator shaft, Cyril, Cheryl, Krieger, and refrigerator Barry are complaining about having to clean. Whilst doing so they begin to discuss how they will carry on with life without their current jobs.

While driving through the parade, the gang receives a call from Lana telling them that all helipads are being watched so they will need to turn off of the parade route. At the same time in the office, Krieger, Cheryl, and Cyril find a set of keys in the elevator shaft with a note that says "DO NOT LOSE! $$$$." They do not know what this is from but, along with Lana, they decide to investigate it.

The gang currently in Brazil is stuck in traffic on a mountain road when the Jesus statue on their float gets hung up on a tree limb. After using "leverage" they manage to unstick it and continue on the road. Back at the office, the rest of the gang is in the armory looking for clues. The armory is empty due to Lana having to sell the guns because The Agency is currently going under. While in the armory, Cherly realizes that some of the writing on the armory's loan list is the same as the writing on the note they found in the elevator shaft. Krieger realizes that the name on the list is the same as a Rush song, but he cannot remember the lyrics. After telling everyone that he has recently been noticing scars on his head, the crew decided to check out his office.

While the crew back at the office riffles through Krieger's office, the gang in Brazil is waiting at a beach for a helicopter that is coming towards them to buy the bomb. When it lands, Slater walks out the back and takes the bomb claiming to be working for the CIA. After he flies away Zara calls Interpol who informs her that he does not work for the CIA anymore and this causes Archer to get an idea. Back at the office, Cyril is knocking on walls until he finds one panel that sounds distinctly different from the rest. After opening it up he finds a metal locked door, and after unlocking it, the crew finds a high-tech lair inside. Back at the bomb pickup, Archer throws down a bag he picked up at the warehouse and pulls out a jetpack. He decides that he will try and fly up to Slater and take down the heli. After Slater decides to circle back around the gang due to his cockiness, Archer manages to get into the heli using the jetpack and takes out the guards. At the same time, Pam reflects the sun into the heli pilot's eyes and causes it to crash. After bailing out and taking a rough landing with the jetpack, Archer claims victory to Slater's face. Slater shakes his head and tells Archer that he doesn't know what he's doing. Archer questions this and then hears banging on the heli's door. After a few more bangs, outcomes Katya, but instead of being there to have sex with Archer, she shoots Archer in the shoulder.

After we return from an extended cut, we are shown Archer in a situation exactly like he was in in the pilot episode, except Boris is the torturer rather than Kremenski. Slater walks in and they begin to torture Archer before locking him in a room. After Archer does some reconisence of the room Katya comes to the peephole and says she feels bad for how Archer has been treated thus far. Back at the office, Lana and the gang realize that they have only 2 days left until the UN vote, and in their current position, thanks to what happened in Brazil, it's not looking like private spy organizations are going to survive. Lana gives an inspirational speech about what they need to do.

Back in the Archer plot, Katya takes Archer out of his cell and shows him around their base. They are at an old KGB black site and Katya and Slater, are accompanied by retired/old spies. While this meeting is occurring, Krieger is trying to figure out what the orb in his locked room is. He takes Barry, hooks him up to a projection machine, and gives him glasses that allow him to read the coding of the orb without being influenced by it. Back at the KGB black site, Katya is explaining to Archer what their organization, Silverwolf, is trying to do. Their goal is to bring back the Cold War...sort of, or at least back to a time before where they are now--to a time when people had purpose. Katya wants Archer to join them and tells Archer that Slayter's torture was due to differences in opinion.

After Slayter pulls Katya away, Archer pulls a piece of metal flack out of his gunshot wound and uses it to pick the lock on his handcuffs. After doing this, he finds out where he is and then faxes a message back to The Agency's HQ. While this fax is going through, the gang at the office is trying to figure out where Silverwolf might try and use the bomb when they receive Archer's message informing them that he is still alive and telling them where he is. Cutting back to Archer, he is currently escaping the building and running into the cold night, away from the Silverwolf base.

After jumping a blocked-off bridge, we cut to the gang on a plane piloted by Rip Riley on their way to Russia. Krieger explains that the orb they have been studying is actually the "Barry Matrix", or what is keeping Barry around. After landing in Russia they manage to find a safe house, and Archer, and start to complete their mission of reattaining the bomb they lost in Brazil. Lana sends Ray to get a car. Next, she sends Pam, Cheryl, and Cyril to snoop at the assumedly abandoned black site. And she, Archer, and Zara go to a local oligarch club to see if Silverwolf is messing around in there.

The mission commences. Upon getting to the black site, Cyril goes into the room Archer sent his faxes from and Pam enters a room where Boris is setting up a bomb to blow the site up. As Pam and Boris begin to duke it out, Lana, Zara, and Archer enter the casino. Zara immediately goes gambling and starts to win while Archer begins to gamble and quickly loses everything. Archer and Lana then remember that Zara is a gambling addict, but decide to let her continue while they discuss what happened to Archer, and what Archer's next move will be. They break with Archer feeling conflicted, but as Lana walks off she joins Zara as she is being invited to the high rollers room of the casino. In this room, Lana begins to work on gaining intel, but as Zara is forced out after losing all her chips, Lana follows her out. Back in the main part of the casino, Lana searches for Archer but only sees the note Katya left him and an empty glass. Back at the Blacksite, Pam and Boris are completely out of steam and decide to run out of the site before the bomb goes off and kills them both.

We cut to the gang, without Archer, riding in the car that Ray hotwired. They discuss what Archer is doing at the moment and why they think he did or didn't double-cross them. After a little more driving they enter what seems to be a cocktail party and "save" a delegate by kidnapping him, but on their way out they are confronted by Silverwolf, who was the group that the gang told the delegate they were saving him from. They begin to run away but after being cornered in an alley, and seeming to have no way out, Archer runs over the men about to shoot them and drives them away for a while before being stopped by Katya. Here the delegate that they kidnapped, to save him from kidnapping, is taken by Katya. This was Silverwolf's plan all along: to frame Americans for Kidnapping a foreign delegate to start a new Cold War.

After regrouping in their safe house, the gang discusses their new plan on how to defeat Silverwolf. They decide that they will go to the dam Silverwolf was planning to blow. While there, Pam and Cyril will go to the town in the way of the dam and try to get them evacuated. Krieger, Archer, Zara, Ray, and Barry will go into the dam. Finally, Cheryl will run a distraction by robbing a jewelry store. The plan begins with Archer's team entering the dam offices claiming to be with the UN, and there for inspections. The office workers there say that is weird because another team, claiming to be there from the UN for the same exact reason, showed up an hour ago. This leads to Archer shooting at the workers and the team continues to do this until they get down into the power generation part of the dam where Krieger begins to try and resurrect Barry. While this is going on, Katya and Slater hear over the radio that Archer and the team are there. Due to this, Katya goes to find them while Slater stays with the hostage and continues to set up the bomb. While this is happening, Lana is on a hill calling the shots and tells Cheryl to begin her mission to keep the police from the dam. Down at the town below the dam, Pam and Cyril are trying to get the town inhabitants to evacuate, but a big brutish man walks out and says that the townsfolk love that dam and will not leave as they do not believe Pam that the dam is going to explode. Pam continues to push his buttons, while Cyril suggests they leave.

As Cyril and Pam begin to back away, back at the dam, Krieger hooks up Barry to the generator and pulls the lever, thus putting Barry back in a real body. We zoom out from Barry and find out that Krieger was calling this a prototype because it was not to scale. Barry is only a foot or two tall and thus gets thrown away effortlessly by Katya. After Archer sends Zara back to Lana to update her, Ray uses his bionic legs to kick Katya away to buy them some more time. We cut back to Pam and Cyril who have been backed into a corner, but right before the big man from the town kills them, Pam says that she is the one who is there to bomb the dam, and he realizes that he saw them on TV in Brazil.

Back in the damn, Katya manages to knock out Krieger, Archer, and Ray and hits Barry into a wall before throwing a knife at him to stick him to the wall. We quickly cut back to the town where the man Pam and Cyril were talking to begins to show them why the townsfolk can't leave: they're running a crypto mining database off of the dam's power because they were not properly compensated for their work. Cyril realizes that he could transfer their wealth off of the servers and the man says that if he does this he will give them a cut. At this time Pam takes a motorcycle and rides up to the dam to help Archer's team.

Back in the dam, Katya finishes tying the team up when they tell her that there is a town below the dam. Katya didn't know this because it was not on the map, but because Slater walked through the door right then, he admits there is a town, before quickly turning Katya off. Slater finishes walking away when Barry pulls himself out of the wall, trying to help the gang but can't make it. Right as Barry lays down his head, Pam walks in picks him up, and unties the team. Barry and Katya then go to the power board and merge into 1 being. As this is happening, Zara reaches Lana and tells her of the situation. Lana can't do much so she calls up Cheryl for backup. As Slater and his fellow agents get into a helicopter to fly away, Cheryl's motorcycle hits his helicopter causing them to fall from it. At the same time, Cyril manages to complete the transfer of the townsfolk's money and begins to run away with them while Lana tries to force Slater to give up the detonator. Slater tells Lana that only amateurs use detonators, and pros use timers. The bomb explodes, and the screen cuts to black.

Coming back we see a small crack in the dam form before water starts rushing through thus leading to further fracturing. While this is happening, Cyril is rushing the townsfolk out and Slater is running away to complete the mission of starting a new Cold War. Archer tries to run after and stop him but Lana stops him and asks him to be the better person, Archer refuses and runs down Slater. After some fighting, Archer has Slater hanging onto a piece of rebar when Slater offers to tell Archer the identity of his father if he saves him. Archer fights his urge to know and lets Slater fall to his death.

After the mission ends in success, we cut to the gang drinking and watching eagerly for the results of the UN vote. In the end, the UN voted 172-21 in favor of ending private spy agencies. This upsets the gang but an uplifting speech by Lana turns it into a happy time as they all hug it out, except for Archer who is busy having sex with "Katbar" (Katya and Barry's name for their merged selves).

Three months pass and Lana is approached by a member of a joint operation of the CIA and MI6. The man proposes a deal with Lana to catch a rogue Sterling Archer and bring him in. Lana says she will think about it and returns to her office where Archer is with their daughter AJ whom he took to the zoo earlier. Lana asks AJ to go outside so they can talk, and Lana and Archer agree to be on opposing sides of this game of cat and mouse. Archer begins to walk out when he says he is going to miss Lana, and Lana gets emotional that he couldn't have said that back when they were dating and also buy a gibbon cage much to her dismay. As he is walking out of the office Pam is coming up the elevator and when she reaches the top she confronts Archer about not saying goodbye. Archer says he didn't say goodbye because he is not good at it and then asks Pam if she would like to not make this goodbye, but instead would like to work with him in rogue espionage. Pam tells him to get in the elevator and they decide to go to Tangier and Sterling Archer has no clue of what they got there as Pam responds with "Perfect." as the elevator closes, ending the special and the entire series.


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Cultural References[]

When Krieger resurrects Barry he exclaims "He's alive! ALIVE! hahahaha!" He does this with the accent of Dr. Frankenstein from the movie Frankenstein.

When entering the more exclusive part of the casino, Zara exclaims "Lets roll them bones" when Lana gives her permission to go gambling. "Roll the Bones" is a Rush song.

After giving Barry cyberpunk glasses, Krieger refers to Barry as his "choomba." Choomba is a term used in the Cyberpunk video game franchise and is used to refer to someone in a "friendly" way.

Running Gags/Callbacks[]

Missed Running Gag: When the scene of Archer waking up alongside prostitutes comes on, there is no ping pong paddle in the room.

After Lana's inspirational speech, Pam responds with "Sploosh!"

The orb in Krieger's office is visually similar to Mallory's raw form in Season 10.

After Archer gets shot by Katya the screen cuts to black for an extended period of time. When we come back, Archer is in the exact same situation he is in in the pilot, Mole Hunt.

While chained to the wall, the dialog between Archer and Boris is almost an exact copy of the dialog from Mole Hunt. Slight changes include:

  • Archer saying that no one uses his code name (Duchess) anymore
  • Boris saying Archer used to be known as the worlds most dangerous secret agent
  • Instead of Archer asking Boris "What is that a go-kart?" like in Mole Hunt, Archer says "What is that a golf cart?" However, unlike in Mole Hunt, this time there is a go-kart in the background, although Archer will not be hooked up to it

When Zara asks Interpol to search for someone with the name "Slater" she says "I guess it's a mononym?" This is in reference to Slater telling Archer that "Slater" is a mononym the first time they meet in Archer Vice: On the Carpet.

The vacuum cleaner that refrigerator Barry's circuits are transferred into is the same model of vacuum that we see in Archer's flashback to when he tried sticking his penis into one back in Legs.

In the elevator shaft we see Milton, still operational, shoot out a moldy piece of toast whilst catching fire.

Also in the elevator shaft, behind some rubble can be seen the old ISIS company logo, only "I" and "International Secret" are visible.

Another barely visible callback viewable in the elevator shaft is a dirtied Cherlene record cover from Archer Vice.

When discussing becoming addicted to glue huffing, after Cyril says that he is willing to become addicted, Krieger responds with "Me too!"

Archer spots some rare Glengoolie Green Whiskey, this is a reference to the drink Glengoolie Blue that is oft featured in the show.

On the plane to Russia to try and save Archer, Krieger is holding the orb that they were trying to understand back in his office. This situation is similar to Krieger holding onto the nuclear core of the ICBM back in Archer Vice: Arrival Departure.

The gang entering into a cocktail party to "prevent a kidnapping" gives a setting that is eerily similar to the setting present in Bel Panto, a series of episodes from Season 7 based on a hostage taking scenario.

Cyril informs one of the dam town's inhabitants that he is a "kick-ass accountant" a line used by him a lot previously.

Slater offers to tell Archer who his father was. Archer refuses and thus closes the show without us ever finding out who his dad was.

Krieger's love for rock music is brought up again. This time in reference to the Rush song "Tom Sawyer."

The ending of Archer and Pam going on the run while Lana stays in the office is similar to the situation Archer presented Lana with in White Elephant when they were trying to break out of FBI questioning.


When Katya meets Archer again she says she "aches" for him. This is what she said when she came back to him in Skin Game after dying the first time.

Katya's vagina still vibrates.

Lana refers to Cyril's large penis.

The garbage at the bottom of the elevator shaft is consistent with earlier episodes such as Tragical History where we are shown Pam and Cheryl pushing the virus laden computers down the elevator shaft rather than reprogramming them.

During Katya and Archer's conversation, they refer to the Cold War being over. This gives credence to the fall of the USSR taking place sometime during the show.

Continuity Error: The plane the gang is on towards Russia is being flown by Rip Riley. This is the first time we see him since Heart of Archness: Part III when he lost his right eye due to Noah's negligence. However, on the plane, Rip has both eyes. Either this was a continuity error with the animators, or Krieger replaced his eye with a bionic one off screen in the intervening seasons.

Continuity Error: At the casino, Archer claims that he is a great gambler. This is inconsistent with him as the only times we see him gamble, he looses badly, and the last time he did it (Jeu Monégasque) it was not for enjoyment, but rather to gain lost money back for a mission.



  • This is the final appearance of all characters who appeared throughout the series.
  • Slater claims he knows the true identity of Archer's father after running Archers DNA through CIA databanks, but deleted it to have leverage. Despite always wanting to know who is his father, Archer decides that he doesn't want to know.
  • This marks the first time Abbiejean Kane-Archer refers to Archer as "Dad", signifying she is now aware of his identity.
  • All private spy agencies are shut down and the agents are all given money, thanks to Cyril using crypto to help.
  • Barry was integrated into refrigerator but now has been uploaded into Katya's programming.
  • After Ray kicks Katya through a wall with his robot legs, he calls them “kick pants”. This is a reference to Adam Reed’s other show, “Frisky Dingo”.