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Archer, P.I. is a free mobile game produced by FX Networks, LLC. for the iPhone and Android. It was released March 22, 2017.

Official Description[]

"Solve cases alongside the world's greatest spy turned private eye while you watch Archer on FXX. Wednesdays, at 10 PM ET/PT.

Game Play[]

Open the app and find items and case clues to help you get started. During all-new episodes of Archer: Dreamland, use your iPhone/iPad camera to point at designated targets on screen, and watch them come to life with new clues that will help you solve the case. And continue sleuthing during the week by finding additional clues that are hiding in "real world" places like Archer billboards, TV commercials, the Archer Facebook page, and But don't worry you aren't in this alone. Archer will be giving you helpful hints along the way. Well, hopefully they are helpful...

Complete all the cases and impress Archer enough for him to put your name on the door of his detective agency."


  1. Ruff Customer
  2. Take It To The Bank
  3. Zerk Chicken
  4. Beggars Can Be Choosers
  5. Papa's New Guinea Pig
  6. The One That Got Away
  7. Crouching Kitty, Hidden Camera
  8. Hands Off My Trumpet


  • Archer, P.I. is the first official Archer based game to be released by FX.
  • The app's technology is based on the same technology used for the mobile game Pokemon Go![1]
  • Users may enter codes to receive prizes here --> Enter Code Here.
  • For game players that do not have access to a printer to print out the in-game gifted briefcase here is a link to the PDF version .
  • Archer, P.I. was the recipient of 2 "Gold Awards" ( for App and Game ) at the 2017 Clio Awards. [2]

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