Anka Schlotz
First appearance Swiss Miss
Voiced by Kari Wahlgren
Age 16
Height 5'0"
Weight 90 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Aliases Countess Von Fingerbang
Languages German (native)
English (fluent)
Nationality German
Occupation princess
Personal Life

Conrad Schlotz (father)

Deceased mother
"I am from Germany, where the age of consent is 14."
"Jesus, is it the Alabama of Europe?"
—Anka and Archer[src]

Anka Schlotz is a 16 year old girl who appears in the first episode of Season Two, "Swiss Miss". Over the course of the episode, she unsuccessfully attempts to seduce Sterling Archer. Each time she tries, she manages to get Archer in trouble, deceiving her father and ISIS agents by referencing Archer's usual overtly sexual behavior and mannerisms, much to Archer's annoyance.

El Frente Rojo attempts to kidnap her in an effort to extort a ransom from her father, Conrad Schlotz, a German billionaire. During a snowmobile escape with Archer whilst being pursued by El Frente Rojo, she learns that he grew up much the same way as her, with a single, overbearing parent who is usually absent, and bonds with him on a more civil level, with Archer realizing that her promiscuous behavior towards him is actually an attempt at getting attention from her father.


  • Anka is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.
  • Frequently sent to summer camps such as riding camp and skiing camp.
  • Despite her hypersexual behavior, she is actually completely inexperienced (she's never seen a 'Wilhelm', or even gotten to second base).
  • The photo of her flashing her genitals while getting out of a car seems to be a reference to the numerous "wardrobe malfunctions" that have happened to female celebrities (most notablty Britney Spears and Paris Hilton) when they attempt to exit a car.
  • Anka's age was changed to sixteen for the episode; it was originally 14, but FOX changed it due to censorship reasons. This was audibly dubbed in over the original audio, but Anka is clearly too small for a sixteen-year old German woman. She is also described as "90-lb. schoolgirl" and frequently referenced as a "teenager."
  • Her name, Anka, translates to 'Duck' in Swedish.

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