Amber Nash
Archer Verse Information
Voice of Pam Poovey
Biographical Information
Date of Birth June 6, 1977 (1977-06-06) (age 42)
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia
Gender Female
Additional Information
Occupation Actress, Voice Actress, Improviser
Years Active 2006-present
Notable Roles Valerie on Frisky Dingo

Amber Nash is an American movie, theatrical and voice actress, previously known for portraying the character Valerie, high-strung, abused assistant to Killface on Frisky Dingo, a show created by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson. She is also a frequent theater and improv performer in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Amber Nash voices the Human Resource Director turned Field Agent, Pam Poovey on the animated series Archer.

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Amber has also done a behind-the-scenes video for Archer. The video shows some of the crew members and shows a clip of her recording some dialogue for Stage Two (s2e8) and Jeu Monegasque (s2e11). While recording the "mmm bear claw," line for "Stage Two," the recording staff had her eat biscuits to get a more realistic sound, eventually directing her to double-fist food into her mouth in order to get the sound they wanted. Ultimately, they used the original, first take, to her annoyance.


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