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The alligator attacks the airboat.

Alligators are Archer's biggest fear. During the events of "Pipeline Fever", Archer attempts fishing with a bow and arrow. Instead of shooting a fish, he accidentally shoots an alligator in the head. This enrages the gator and it attacks Archer and Lana aboard the airboat. As Archer attempts to shoot the gator, he misses and ends up shooting a hole in the deck of the Airboat.

U.S. Alligator Attacks[]

Sterling Archer tracks information on gator attacks in the U.S. however he can not find any information on attacks in China.

  • Sarasota County, FL - Chet Willard age 16, Killed by an 11 ft Alligator while swimming in the Oak River Canal. (There was a fatal alligator attack on a 16-year old in Sarasota County, FL in 1973)
  • Chatham County, GA - Ruth Baker age 39, killed in her backyard by a 10 ft gator.
  • Pinellas County, FL - Walter Janks age 70 and his dog, killed by a 12 ft Alligator.


Archer's Sixth Birthday[]

Young sterling and gator

Archer clutching his gift

As revealed in the episode Once Bitten, Archer received a stuffed alligator on his sixth birthday. These memories are triggered by a 'spirit journey' led by James Mason discovering much about Archer's psyche and why he is the way he is.