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Krieger's experimentation methods are unorthodox.

Doctor Krieger has performed numerous experiments on various characters and things in ISIS applied research laboratories leading to unexpected results.

Test Subjects[]


Krieger's experiment didn't end well for Chet.

Doctor Krieger has performed various experiments on (but not limited to) the following:

Science Experiments[]


The pinnacle of Krieger's research, his virtual girlfriend.

Happy krieger

Krieger 'experimenting' on Katya Kasanova.

Doctor Krieger has conducted many experiments in the ISIS applied research laboratories.

  • Creating a series of (imperfect) clones of himself.[1]
  • Engineering a half-man, half-pig creature named "Pigley."[2]
  • Engineering (what is assumed to be) a half-man, half-goat creature named "Goatley." [2]
  • Programming his own virtual girlfriend.[3]
  • Creating his own breast milk, which he has drunk on at least one occasion.[4]
  • Testing a very ineffective form of body armor with an intern named Chet.[4]
  • Creating a sexbot called "Fister Roboto" that does more than just fist—it learns.[5]
  • Creating a Chokebot to choke Cheryl after she complains that his own hands were weak and childlike.[6]
  • Creating the Formula K compounds that he tested on Danny the Intern.[7]
  • Creating Magic Breath Strips that were actually laced with LSD.[8]
  • Tricking Ray, Pam, and Cheryl into drinking Krieger Kleanse, a tea he said was to evade a drug test, when in reality, it was a hallucinogenic experiment.[9]
  • Designing the world's most advanced Spy Car,[10]
  • Turning Archer's mostly dead fiancée, Katya Kazanova, into a Cyborg.[11]
  • Attempting to channel and duplicate the pound-for-pound strength of an ant into himself.[12]
  • Building cyborg legs for Gillette and a bionic arm for Conway Stern.[13]
  • Working on unspecified but (presumably) dangerous and unsuccessful projects involving Komodo Dragons.[14]
  • Instructing Barry Dylan in how to build a spacecraft capable of surviving re-entry.[15]
  • Made an irradiated pig named Pigley III, who eats people.[16]
  • Creating a submarine that would smuggle Cocaine. Krieger end up blowing it up due to that he built in Tunt Manor's enclosed pool.[17]
  • Creating the "K-9000 Infrasonic Pulse Rifle," which generates the "brown note" that makes humans defecate. Cyril, however, is lead to believe that the rifle generates an "ejaculation ray" instead.[18]
  • Building a "black" bionic hand for Gillette.
  • Trying to make his own shrinking process, but the experiments were shrinky dinks.
  • Making doggy treats that put dogs to sleep, but gives them explosive diarrhea.
  • Creating a compound that can brainwash people except for Mallory.
  • Creating robotic duplicates of himself (twice) and of the Figgis Agency employees. The duplicates themselves are nearly perfect, except will malfunction when computing love.

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