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Krieger's Clone Brothers

Dr Krieger's possible Hitler Connection is mentioned and explored in the following episodes and seasons:

Season 2[]

Placebo Effect[]

In a flashback and several pieces of exposition, we learn that Malory "acquired" Krieger on his 15th birthday from a "compound" in Brazil. The man standing next to the car in which Malory sits looks like Gregory Peck, who was the villain in the movie "The Boys From Brazil".

Krieger is writing flash cards for Archer to help him with his Portuguese. When Cheryl asks Krieger how he knows the language he begins to say that he was brought up in Brazil, but switches mid-word to "Braz-istol (Bristol) County, Rhode Island". In an attempt to lie to the gang, Krieger awkwardly asserts there are "a lot of Portuguese" in Rhode Island. This is actually somewhat true as Portuguese is the third most common language in Rhode Island after English and Spanish - lending some plausibility to the lie. The following inquisitorial exchange takes place in German:

Cyril: "Warum hast du umzug noch Brasilien?" (Why did you move to Brazil?)
Krieger: "Weiter den Kampf der mein Führer! Scheiße!" (To continue the fight of my Leader! Shit…)

Cyril follows Krieger into the men's room and attempts to find out more about Krieger's father and whether or not he was a Nazi. Krieger asserts that his father was a scientist, and the reason the Nazis lost the war was because they didn't have scientists. Thus his father definitely couldn't have been a Nazi. This dovetails with Malory's allusion to  "Operation Paperclip", the real life US operation to extract Nazi scientists from Germany in order to benefit from their research.

On the papers burnt by Krieger in the toilet is written "Streng Geheim", which is German for "Top Secret".

Archer Vice (Season 5)[]

Palace Intrigue Part I[]

In a callback to Malory's suggestion (above) that Krieger is a Hitler clone, the possibility of this scenario being true is explored, when Krieger encounters three identical clones of himself in the palace.


Krieger confronts his clones in order to prevent the launch of a warhead filled with nerve gas.


Krieger tells Malory that if he was a clone of Hitler, he would surely look like him, thus subverting the gag.

Dreamland (Season 8)[]

Based on the running gag of previous seasons, Krieger's dream persona is assumed to be a Hitler clone, but his character is very different from what we are lead to suspect. To find out more, watch the season. For spoilers, read this.


  • In Adam Reed's earlier show Frisky Dingo, main character Xander Crews mentions "The Boys From Brazil"-style clones of his employee/CFO, Stan.