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"Perhaps a drink will help us break the ice."

Aleister was the name and/or alias used by the valet appointed to Sterling Archer by Pam and Cheryl in "Best Friends" .

He is voiced by Simon Pegg.


Aleister is a handsome ivory-skinned man with thick wavy greying-black hair that is slick on the left side, medium blue eyes, visible cheekbones, and almost bushy-like cleaned-up eyebrows. 

He is always seen wearing a tailored business suit complete with a vest and tie.


Aleister is a very worldly and sophisticated renaissance man. He's exceptionally observant, evidenced by his speculation of Cyril and Archer's friendship where he correctly concluded that Cyril was Archer's odd couple best friend. He can be very charming and has no problem subtly flirting with women, he also has no problem dealing with attention he gets from women.



After many failed attempts by Malory to replace Woodhouse as Archer's new permanent valet, Pam and Cheryl find Aleister and introduce him to Archer as a possible new candidate. Archer quickly hires him and bonds with him. Aleister gains Archer's trust and hatches his plan to assassinate Cyril. After Archer foils his plans and stabs him, he offers him a valet recommendation to replace him. Not much is known about Aleister, but it can be assumed that he's probably a spy in addition to being an assassin since he was seen discussing details of his progress to assassinating Cyril over the phone. It can be assumed he was also an actual valet with his parting words pertaining to actually caring about Archer having a valet.


  • Aleister's overall personality and appearance seem to resemble that of an older Archer.
  • It seems Aleister is the perfect mix of Archer and Woodhouse; and could possibly be a parody of them.
  • Aleister's favorite grade of cashmere is grade a sheered Mongolian goat, the grade of cashmere Malory berated an interviewee for skipping over.
  • Aleister has extensive knowledge of sand.
  • One of Aleister's previous employers was Field Marshall Sir Bernard Montgomery.

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