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4220 Arroyo Canyon Road

4220 Arroyo Canyon Road

"That's a nice house."
Ray Gillette[src]

Alan Shapiro's mansion, 4220 Arroyo Canyon Road, is a luxury residence located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California.

Season 7[]


Mash up of different views of Shapiro's mansion.

Alan Shapiro, lawyer to the stars, lives in an swanky, Modernist-Style house with an amazing view of the Los Angeles skyline. The home is resplendent in white and adorned in minimalist, pan-Asian decor. The mansion comes equipped with a pool, but by far its most distinctive feature is the cantilever balcony hanging about a hundred feet over the canyon.

The residence has some impressive security features: cameras, guards at the front entrance, a pair of Ex-Mossad trained dogs, etc. Despite these measures, Archer, Lana, and Ray manage to grapple up to the back of the house, disable the systems, and crack the mansion's safe to retrieve a computer disk in the episode "The Figgis Agency." In the following episode "The Handoff," Archer and Lana return the very next day, this time through the front door. Having realized they'd been set up, the pair meet up with Shapiro to handle the exchange to get the disk back to its rightful owner.


  • The mansion resembles the architecturally acclaimed Stahl House.
  • Said Stahl House has served as the location for several films including the 1998 movie Why Do Fools Fall in Love?. The movie matches up with Archer's Season 7 opening:
    • The film posthumously chronicles the life of Frankie Lyman and his estate after several marriages and side chicks. Alan Shapiro is a divorcee and divorce attorney and the storyline for the season chronicles events beginning with Archer, presumably, dead in a pool.
    • There is a scene in the movie where Larenz Tate drops a dog he is holding out of an apartment window, to it's death, after being bitten. On Archer, Alan Shapiro's is the site where dogs that are biting Archer on the edge of a cliff drop him, not to death, after being lured away by a bag of treats. In the movie the dog is held out of the window after a heated argument between Frankie Lyman and his girlfriend. In Archer the disturbance that draws the dogs out is an argument between Archer and Gillete.