First appearance "Pipeline Fever"
Make/Model (approximate) Fan-propelled airboat
Owner Remy
Primary Color Gray
Details and Features
Organization Remy's Bayou Airboats
Purpose Transportation in the bayou

Airboats are the quickest form of transportation in the Louisiana Bayou.

An airboat was featured in the episode Pipeline Fever, wherein Archer and Lana are tasked with reaching and defending a pipe inspection gauge from radical environmentalist Joshua Gray. The boat is reserved for Gray at Remy's Bayou Airboats.

The proprietor Remy clearly takes his boat and his business very seriously and will not be bribed for the uses of it, giving Archer a chance to fulfill his lifelong goal of saying, "I am commandeering this airboat!"

While traveling through the swamp, despite Lana's warnings that he is going too fast and going to blow out the engine of the craft, Archer doesn't want to stop "feeling this vibrant and alive" and blows out the engine before they reach the P.I.G. Launcher. And then has to drag the boat through "a mile of his three biggest fears."  The boat was then sunk by Archer who shot a hole in the deck defending himself and Lana from an enraged 20 foot Alligator.

Archer's love of airboats stems from him believing they were used in the Burt Reynolds movie "Gator", however, he later finds out there were no airboats in "Gator", just speedboats (The Man From Jupiter).

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