Agent Pak
First appearance Diversity Hire
Occupation ISIS Agent
Personal Life

Agent Pak, was an ISIS agent of Korean descent who died after his cover was blown due to a drunk call from Sterling Archer. In his phone call, Archer referenced the "waka-waka" sound that character Pac Man makes from the popular video game series.

Pak's life might have been spared if his cell phone wasn't forced to always use the speakerphone mode. Agent Mgumbe and Agent Hector Ruíz died of similar cell phone malfunctions.

It appears he was sent in to infiltrate a presumably North Korean weapons depot.

In The Wind Cries Mary, the back of what seems to be Pak's head can briefly be seen in a flashback for the celebration of Sterling Archer and Lucas Troy completing their training. He is seated at the table between Cyril Figgis and Cheryl Tunt.