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Adam Brooks Reed is an American television writer, director, producer and voice actor. He is the creator, executive producer and writer of the adult animated comedy series Archer. Reed also provides the voice of Ray Gillette on Archer.


Reed started out in the early nineties as a production assistant for the Cartoon Network. There he did odd jobs until he and frequent collaborator Matt Thompson created a show called High Noon Toons in 1994.

In 1995, the pair founded the animation production house 70/30 Productions where together they created, voice acted, wrote, directed and produced the animated shows Sealab 2021 (2000) and Frisky Dingo (2006). In January 2009, 70/30 Productions closed its doors.

In 2008,[1] Reed and Thomson co-founded another Atlanta-based animation production company called Floyd County Productions, which is the current production house for Archer. 

Writing Credits[]

  • Adam Reed has written every episode of Archer except for 19 episodes in which he had a co-writer.[2]
    • 14 episodes of the 19 were co-written with one other writer:
      • 4 co-wrote one episode - Tony Carbone, Rick Cleveland, Boswell Cocker and Tesha Kondrat.
      • 3 co-wrote two episodes - Ben Hoffman, Chris Provenzano and Casey Willis.
      • 1 co-wrote four episodes - Mike Arnold.
    • 5 episodes of the 19 had Adam providing the teleplay to a story written by:


  • Provided the voice for Dr. Ilad Virjay, an East Indian doctor, on Sealab 2021.
  • Provided the voices for Xander Crews (the main hero) and Killface (the main villain), among others, on Frisky Dingo.
  • Reed and his previous production company also created the animated show The Xtacles (2009), a spin-off of Frisky Dingo that only aired 2 episodes on Adult Swim before being canceled.
  • Adam Reed also performed executive producer duties for two additional animated shows, Unsupervised (2012) and Chozen (2014), each of which lasted one season on FX.
  • In 2016 Reed co-created a pilot episode of another animated comedy series called Cassius and Clay, which after initially being picked up by FXX for 10 episodes, was ultimately canceled before the first season started.[3][4]


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