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"Achub Y Morfilod" (Save The Whales) is the eleventh episode of season 6 and the seventy-third episode overall of Archer.



Archer and Lana travel to Wales for a romantic getaway of aiding separatists.


The episode opens with Sterling Archer driving an open top car alongside the Welsh coast. He is on the phone with his mother as he thanks her for watching A.J. and complaining about the signs lacking vowels. He ends the call as Lana Kane wakes up by threatening his mother with legal action should she "neglect" to feed her. At first, Lana is calm but begins to lash out as she remembers the events of her last waking hours and where A.J. is. He tells her that he wanted to bring her to a little farm to talk things out and the best way to do so was to "inject [her] with a tranquilizer, drive [her] to a private airfield, put [her] on a CIA plane, fly [her] overnight to Wales and then that brings [them] to now."

Lana moves to back seat as she attempts to strangle Archer with her scarf. She demands that he pull over, but due to possible blood vessel bursts, he continues to drive and swerves off the road, crashing into a parked tractor on the farm he intended to visit. Once the crash is over, Lana admits that the house is pretty romantic.

Once settled, the two get back to arguing. He insists that he did not cheat on her while Lana wants to leave. He explains that Katya Kazanova was just there and that the "idiots" must have called her.

In Algernop Krieger's lab, the group makes puns about hands while Ray Gillette is laying on a gurney ready for the operation and tired of hearing them make light of his situation.

Archer S06E11 Achub Y Morfilod (1080p x265 Joy)-23-26-19-

Ray's hand surgery.

Back in Wales, Lana pieces together a theory that the group was jealous of their getting back together, called Katya to seduce Archer, but he refused, had his clothes burned, jizzed champagne and she left her robot vagina in the sink even though Archer did not sleep with Katya. Archer concludes that this is true, while Lana is still unconvinced. She is still very upset that he drugged her.

He plans to take her to a distillery where Glengoolie scotch is made where he will explain everything and make it up to her. Just as Archer is about to add on to his wishes, two men burst through the door. Lana demands that they freeze and she reaches for her gun to find it missing. The smaller of the two men introduces himself as Lloyd Llewellyn as well as his brother, Dafydd. He is surprised that Lana doesn't know them and Archer explains that there is a work component to their visit.

Archer S06E11 Achub Y Morfilod (1080p x265 Joy)-23-29-22-

Lloyd and Dafydd.

The two men are revealed as members of the Free Wales Army. Lana is curious as to why the CIA wants to aid enemies of England, who is an ally of the USA. Lloyd mentions that the English as no allies to the Welsh and Lana quips that it's the same country. The brothers take great offense. Lloyd mentions that a small town, Dyffryn Ddibwys was pushed aside and residents were forced out in order to build a dam. He also mentions that the residents where compensated greatly for moving and most are better off then they were. Lana asks "Then, what's the problem?" Archer claims that it wouldn't happen in America but Lana educates him about the Tennessee Valley Authority which do the same to Americans in higher numbers more frequently. Archer doesn't know what the TVA is so Lana uses "Deliverance" as an example but Archer claims that it was only a movie.

Lana asks Lloyd why MI5 is after them, and he answers that he tried to destroy a dam which would flood out people, mostly English ones. Lana walks out as Archer mentions that she isn't mad at them, she's mad at him. He then begins to explain who Katya is and his current predicament.

Back at the lab, the coworkers, minus Ray are talking about M.A.S.H characters and other actors. Cheryl mentions that M.A.S.H had no black characters, but Cyril points out one, named Spearchucker Jones. The women are astonished that a character would be named that on a television show as the men just say it happened and was allowed to pass.

Lana is on the phone with Malory. Lana threatens her if she under feeds AJ as she ends the call. Malory offers the baby an ice chip from her whiskey glass then claims that Lana's breast milk is just liquid butter fats. Lana notices a black car approaching and is about to head inside but stops once she hears Archer bragging about Katya. Lloyd asks if anything happened but Archer says no, except for a goodbye kiss that was NSFWales and Lana gets angry about that. She runs inside once a man says hello from the black car. Lloyd reveals that MI5 could very easily have found them since they are that good. Lana wants to see Archer's passport. His alias as tough kid chef Randy Randallman who is trying to save his love interest upsets Lana. Lloyd is given the alias as he puts on a wig and glasses and Archer and Dafydd are sent to the closet.

Archer S06E11 Achub Y Morfilod (1080p x265 Joy)-23-42-31-

Agent Bardsley.

Lana opens the door and invites the MI5 agent inside. She acts surprised to see him as Lloyd tries too hard to explain that he is Randy, an American. Dafydd and Archer watch from a hole in the closet door. Archer has to keep Dafydd quiet from chanting as the MI5 agent says Free Wales Army out loud. Lloyd mentions that the car was crashed as a bee flew into it and his marriage is on the rocks. Lana uncovers her lingerie in front of Lloyd and the agent. Lana pulls Lloyd in closer and beings to kiss him passionately in front of the agent. The agent almost leaves but Archer bursts out of the closet where Dafydd is masturbating. Archer is mistaken for Lloyd by the agent. He points out who Lloyd really is, and the agent deduces that Archer and Lana are from the CIA. Lana kicks him unconscious. Archer and Lana bicker about their issues as Lana brings up that she knows Archer kissed Katya goodbye. Archer reasons that is is commendable of him that he didn't sleep with Katya despite her being so hot and Lana thinks one of them is suffering from a stroke. Lloyd made toast somewhere in between the agent barging in and Archer making his reasoning.

Lloyd suggests that the MI5 agent be shot otherwise the CIA will be compromised. Lloyd makes Lana hold the toast as he pulls out a pistol. He intends to kill Lana and Archer but Lana knocks him out. She leaves Dafydd to Archer and refuses to give him the gun.

Archer S06E11 Achub Y Morfilod (1080p x265 Joy)-23-50-50-

Ray, after surgery.

Kreiger is finished putting a new hand on Ray and is sexually harassing Cheryl who walks out after too many advances. Cyril questions why they were discussing African American characters on M.A.S.H and the doctor claims the M.A.S.H connection is painfully obvious, but the black connection is a mystery. The viewer is given a glimpse at Ray who is still asleep and now has a black robotic right hand and forearm.

Lana is driving a car as Archer uses tampons to clog his bloody nose. Archer thinks the mission is a good one as the brothers are still at large and the MI5 agent is unconscious in the back of their car, but mostly so because he thinks he proved that Lana overreacted to Katya. She compromises that trust is important. They hope that Slater won't kill the MI5 agent and Archer reassures her that it won't come to that because then the CIA would have to kill them as well. Archer also suggests a trip to the Glengoolie distillery in Scotland to which Lana opposes. Archer claims that it may not be a smart idea, but tells Lana what he thinks is his smartest idea: putting oppositely charges magnets in the bumpers of cars so that crashes no longer become and issue. Lana finds a flaw in that a stopped car at a red light will be moved by magnetic force forward into perpendicular traffic if a car behind them is too close.


Cultural References[]

  • Of Mice and Men is referenced twice. First Lana refers to Lloyd and Dafydd as "George and Lenny". Secondly, Archer tells Dafydd that he will buy him "a puppy that you will probably accidentally strangle", further drawing the comparison between Lenny and Dafydd who are both mentally handicapped men of large stature
  • Lana refers to Dafydd as Lurch, who is a 6'-9" tall family manservant on The Addams Family.
  • Archer calls Dafydd Gort, which is an 8' tall robot from The Day the Earth Stood Still.
  • When introduced to Lana, Dafydd says "Hello Lady" in the same tone and inflection as Andre the Giant's character, Fezzik, in The Princess Bride upon reuniting with Princess Buttercup.
  • The name Lloyd Llewellyn is identical to the Daniel Clowes comic book character of the same name. The comic is about a private eye in a stylized 50/60s setting aesthetically similar to Archer. However, the characters themselves have no similarities.

Running Gags / Callbacks[]

  • Someone smells toast and says they're having a stroke.


  • The title is Welsh for "Save the Whales".
  • The car Archer drives (and subsequently crashes) is a 1962 Aston Martin DB4 convertible. This is most likely a nod to James Bond's Aston Martin, however, James Bond drove a DB5.
  • The town name of Dyffryn Ddibwys means in Welsh "Unimportant Valley".
  • The story of Dyffryn Dibwys is based on the true story of Tryweryn.
  • Matthew Rhys guest stars as the voice of Lloyd Llewellyn and is also given a writing credit. There is quite a lot of irony when Rhys' character must mask his Welsh accent to pose as an American. This is because Rhys stars in another FX show, The Americans. In that show, Rhys' character must mask a Russian accent to pose as an American (even though Rhys really has a Welsh accent).
  • During the surgery scenes, the surgical uniforms are lifted directly from M*A*S*H, a fact alluded to as the cast is discussing the show throughout the procedure.
  • Krieger repeatedly mimes a cigar in his hand while doing puns in the accent of Groucho Marx. This gag is repeated by Trinette in "Gramercy, Halberd!".
  • Krieger's sexual harassment of Cheryl is an homage to Benjamin "Hawkeye" Pierce's flirty demeanor.
  • Pam says to Cheryl, "Come on, Tinkertoy, let's go pound some homemade gin", alluding to the homemade gin distillery in Hawkeye's tent in the early seasons of the show.
  • Krieger also says, "The M*A*S*H connection is obvious, perhaps even painfully so," as the scene closes with a sound-alike to the theme song "Suicide Is Painless".
  • Despite Archer and Lana's plot taking place in Wales, no mention was made of the bomb that exploded in the season 1 episode "Skytanic". This suggests that the bomb actually exploded in Ireland and not Wales as Lana thought.


  • Wales


Dafydd: "Toooooast!"


Archer: "Thanks for the tampons..."


Archer: "And the goodbye kiss was very NSF-Wales if you know what I mean."


Archer: (whispering) "Closet rampage!"

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