First appearance Mole Hunt
Personal Life

Abelard is the name of a pug owned by a flight attendant, one of Archer's various sexual partners.

Despite Archer's no dogs allowed in his apartment rule, he insists that an exception be made for Abelard. While drunk he is fascinated by Abelard's bark, which to him sounds like the song "Puttin' on the Ritz."

Even though the dog was only allowed in on Archer's authority, he holds Woodhouse responsible. Archer says that he is always insistent, but he's also not to be trusted. He warns Woodhouse that if he finds any dog hair in the apartment, he will rub sand in his eyes. After stating that, he instructs Woodhouse to go buy some coarse sand.


  • The name Abelard is a reference to Pierre Abélard, the French philosopher and monk, who is famous for his work in the fields of dialectic and theology, along with his tragic romance with Héloise d’Argenteuil. Additionally, Abélard was known for the studies of the Greeks, which is referenced when Abelard (the dog) "laughs" at Sterling's Greek joke.
  • When Archer is drunk, he incorrectly refers to to the dog as "Abegard".
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