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Abbiejean Malory Kane Archer, also known as "A.J.", is the daughter of Sterling Archer and Lana Kane.

Character History

When Lana Kane becomes fixated on having a baby she secretly visits the sperm bank, examining many specimens before choosing a frozen vial provided by Sterling Archer. In Sea Tunt: Part II, Lana reveals her resultant pregnancy, much to everyone's shock. Cyril Figgis, who recently resumed dating Lana after their break-up though under strict rules, asks when she was planning to tell him; Lana then reveals Cyril isn't the father. She tries to explain to a seemingly-cuckolded and enraged Cyril that the biological father is a donor, but is cut off when he escapes through the sea vents so Archer saves Lana and her baby's life by giving her the last diving suit available. Lana's pregnancy effectively ends their relationship and Cyril is infuriated at her for months, even though he eventually asks her to take him back by offering her a check as a baby shower present but she doesn't.

In the fifth season premiere, Archer professed his love for Lana and his willingness to raise her baby as his own but despite this and the fact that he risked his life for both her and her unborn child, Lana rudely told him that she preferred to lose her baby than marry him, which upset Archer. For most of the fifth season, Lana is pregnant and throughout said time she fosters her maternal instincts by "mothering" her friends, even Archer, who despises it. In each episode, she finds her patience being pushed to it's limit by their crazy antics and begins regretting her decision to become pregnant. In the Season 5 finale, Lana's baby girl is born in a Central American airport. Archer, who sought certification as a doula, tries to help deliver the baby, though Lana screams at him as she believes he is responsible for buying the cocaine. She even tries to shoot him in the face, however, the gun is empty. When push comes to shove, Malory comes to the rescue when Archer provides little support.

During the flight home, Lana is finally able to pull Archer aside to recount the story of her visit to the sperm bank; Archer, however, tunes her out, instead fixating on the baby, who has begun to exhibit some of his mannerisms. Snapping to focus, Archer asks Lana what she's been talking about and she calmly introduces him to his daughter; Abbiejean, named after Lana's grandmother.

Archer was absent for the first six weeks of Abbiejean's life as he went on a crazed bender from shock ending up drunk in a South East Asian country with a small deer in his motel and possible lady boys in the shower but eventually comes back to his daughter and helps raise her. Archer, along with Malory, voiced a dislike towards Abbiejean's name and Lana was asked at least twice if she was sure she wanted to keep that name but Lana paid it no heed.

Abbiejean, later nicknamed "A.J.", was largely protected from the antics and insanity of the other members and usually stayed home with her Polish babysitter, although sometimes ended up roped into them since Lana often took A.J. with her to work, like when Krieger kidnapped her for his experiments in growing cyborg teddy bears, which made her grandmother Malory so angry she threatened to shoot Krieger in the groin and warned her employees not to tell Lana about this incident. Despite Lana telling Archer that he is Abbiejean's father, their daughter having both parents' last names and her father wanting to help raise her, Lana seems to think A.J. belongs to her and her only since she always went out her way to make all the decisions regarding their daughter's upbringing and didn't let Archer have a say in anything yet Lana still expected Archer to help care for Abbiejean through her infancy. Whenever her parents were busy at work and had to bring A.J. to the office she usually stayed with Malory at her own office or at home with her Polish nanny.

When Archer agrees to be Pam's "date" for her sister's wedding in "Edie's Wedding", Lana asks everybody at work to babysit A.J. so she can attend an upstate survival camp but everyone refuses except Cyril, who volunteers to do so along with driving Lana to her camp and staying with A.J. in a hotel near the camp in hopes of getting Lana to take him back eventually.

Though it was all an act, in "Sitting", Lana does unintentionally put her daughter in harm's way by hiring an actor who did use a real gun to test Archer's abilities as a father and protector of A.J. Though he succeeded in protecting her, he becomes angry over the fact that he got shot. While Archer fought the actor, A.J. got taken away by Pam per Archer's orders to keep her safe. In the meantime, Pam tried to feed A.J. Vienna sausages by pre-chewing them and spitting them into her mouth.

Later in the episode "Nellis", Malory takes advantage that everybody but Lana went on a mission to ask about A.J. but mainly about her name and offers Lana $100,000 to change A.J.'s name to "Malory". When Lana refuses Malory resorts to fake crying until Lana reluctantly suggests that if it means so much to her then she was willing to give A.J. the name Malory but as her middle name. Malory immediately stops "crying" and declares that a middle name is not worth $100,000 dollars so Lana suggests half the money but Malory instead offers only $22,500 and demands a notarized copy of the revised birth certificate on her desk by Friday but she also offers Lana $5,000 more to have A.J. christened at a white church although it is unknown if Lana agreed to this or not.

You are family.

In "The Kanes", A.J. finally gets to meet her maternal grandparents, Lemuel and Claudette Kane, who instantly love her and, just like Lana, give her all the credit for A.J.'s upbringing while they barely tolerate Archer, albeit this is due to Archer making a fool of himself and showing up drunk the day Lana wanted to introduce him to her parents. Though the family event is ruined when Slater stages a burglary, not knowing she and her parents would be there. This made Archer upset as well as Lana when they opened fire with A.J. in the house. A.J.'s parents also revealed to Archer that they wanted to invite him to the Kane Family Reunion since they considered Archer part of their family since he was the father of their granddaughter.

A.J. as imagined by Cheryl.

During the next few episodes, A.J. is judged constantly by Malory, who believes she is getting too fat in baby standards. Despite both parents' disagreement and the fact that A.J.'s weight was normal, she tried to force A.J. on a diet despite others rejecting Malory's claims and affirm that A.J. was an average-sized baby but nobody could convince her otherwise. In "Reignition Sequence", Archer threatens to have her arrested if she tries to give A.J. diet pills. Lana also angrily reminds her to feed her, fearing that she is putting her on the diet. Their suspicions were proven right after being hung up. Malory then tries to make A.J. have an ice chip instead of her milk.

Though Malory believes that she'd be A.J.'s legal guardian if anything happens to her son and Lana, Lana eventually reveals to Archer that if anything were to happen to her (and only her), custody of their daughter will go to either Lana's parents or sister. At first, Archer wants to be able to choose guardians for A.J. and argues that Malory and Woodhouse should raise her, even though the first is too irresponsible with A.J.'s care and the latter is too old, but after realizing what they are like (particularly his mother) and remembering what his own childhood was like as a result of it, he agrees that Lana's arrangement is ultimately what is best for their daughter.

A.J. appears in "Drastic Voyage: Part I" and "Drastic Voyage: Part II", under Malory's care while Lana and Archer did a mission. During which due to the jeopardy of the plan, Lana reminds Archer that her parents are A.J.'s guardians. Archer still feels hurt by her statement and claims that A.J. could do worse for a guardian. To which the scene points to A.J. nearly getting an ashtray from a general. Though he apologizes to Malory, she shrugs it off and says "she is used to it". Later flash backing, that A.J. got to enjoy some time with her step-grandfather, Ron, who was reading her "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"; but also while smoking in front of the baby. To which Malory snaps at him, though not for smoking in front of A.J. but rather because she just cleaned the drapes, then kicks him out and onto the patio with A.J..

Malory has stated that she hopes A.J. will pick a smoking habit to help with her "battle of the bulge". A.J. is still forced through Malory's diet tactics, who takes advantage that her parents were busy to not feed her. This forces Agent Holly to feed her when Malory refuses. After the mission gets botched, A.J. is seen being fed by Lana who is instantly suspicious of Malory again. When she asks why A.J. is still hungry even after Malory claims she fed her, she instantly brushes her off and says "Who knows with her. A tapeworm?".

A.J. doesn't appear right away in season 7, though is mentioned several times yet Lana mentions her as proof that she and Archer are in a relationship when Shapiro tries hitting on her and his reaction upon learning of a baby is saying "ewww", indicating he is not fond of children or at least babies.

In "Deadly Prep", A.J. is two years old and Lana and Malory are insistent in putting her in a very prestigious "pre-pre" kindergarten school, believing it'll jumpstart her academics. Though Archer is alright with public school, he goes along for A.J.'s sake. Until he recognizes, a member of the board was his former bully, Ivy. And while it's clear Ivy is rude, obnoxious, and makes racist remarks at both Lana and A.J.. Lana grins and bears it, and forces Archer to take a case for Ivy. Though it's clear that Archer is still uncomfortable, Lana reminds him to think of A.J.'s future and not to ruin it for her. Out of love for his daughter, he does as he is told. Lana tries further to get A.J. into the school by hoping to meet with the dean. A.J.'s later seen in Pam's care playing with her. Unfortunately both ideas blow up as Ivy just wanted to set Archer up for murder and tried to kill him.

Meanwhile, Lana's arrested as she's mistaken for a stalker. To which the dean immediately puts a restraining order on her. Archer is later seen at the prison, telling her that he thinks A.J. going to prep school would be a bad idea and thinks A.J. will be fine in public school because no matter what school she goes to, he believes A.J. is smart and will excel no matter where she studies at and he doesn't want her to become a snob like it happens with some private school children. Plus, he doesn’t want to be the one who would have to go pick her up and take her back home.

After Archer fell into a coma and Woodhouse was found dead, Lana attended Woodhouse's funeral with A.J. who, despite being too young to understand what was going on, had a sad expression on her face, although this can be attributed to her picking up on the tension and sadness around her, which is common for babies and small toddlers, or just being tired.

As A.J. grew up, Lana took her to the hospital to see Archer sometimes and Lana met Robert eight months after Archer's accident at the hospital and married him. Lana and Robert raised A.J. together for the next three years and Lana allowed A.J. to think Robert was her father and not Archer. Lana may have done this due to her anger over the Veronica Dean incident and eventually chose to cut Archer out of A.J.'s life as her father, to spare A.J. the pain of telling her daughter that her father was in a coma, her age making it hard to tell her of her father or Robert expressing his desire to have his own child may have influenced the choice to severe ties from Archer have yet to be really explored.

Once A.J. turned five, Lana sent her to a boarding school in Switzerland, per Robert's suggestion, supposedly so that she could get a good education while Robert tried to convince Lana to have a child of their own but she refused. A.J. being sent to study abroad upsets Archer once he finds out, most likely due to his own childhood experiences and possibly feeling she took a road his mother choose for selfish reason but Lana simply states that she sent A.J. away to ensure she got the best education.

A.J. is kidnapped in "Caught Napping" and the team is severely strict on themselves to rescue her. Archer holds in his 'rampage' mode to be his most effective, whereas Lana unleashes fury at everyone in her path. During the mission, Lana briefly argues with Robert about him suggesting boarding school for A.J. and he retorts by reminding Lana that she agreed to it. Later, Lana reflects on whether she did actually sent her daughter to boarding school for the sake of her education or so that Lana could focus on her career.

Once the ransom is paid A.J.'s abductor, Peregrine, decides to keep both the money and A.J. in order to train her to be an assassin and have her murder both of her parents and takes off with her. In the climax, A.J. stomps on her abductor's foot in order to escape her and A.J. and Lana jump off the crashing sleigh and into Pam's 'human airbag' arms. Meanwhile, a distraught Malory worries aloud and laments not having given her granddaughter a gun. She then remembers she did; a 'cute little ruger'. A.J. reunites with her "dad", who she believes is Robert, much to Archer's personal heartache since he longed for her to acknowledge him as her dad.

Her father's daughter.

After everything is over, A.J. runs into Robert's arms and calls him "Daddy!" and doesn't seem to notice Archer, which deeply upsets him. Later, A.J. spends some time with her mother, step-father, her grandmother Malory and her parents' colleagues. Malory and Lana are civil towards each other until Malory subtly criticizes Lana over the fact that A.J. was eating pretzels (i.e. carbohydrates), showing that she is still obsessed with her granddaughter's weight while Archer stands far apart from everybody, still sad over the fact that everybody forgot about him, especially A.J.. Lana then introduces A.J. to an eager Archer, who patiently waits as A.J. finishes her apple juice while holding up a finger for Archer to wait, and he tries to tell her about the things they went through when she was younger since Lana still refuses to tell their daughter that Archer is her biological father. Archer learns his daughter called him "Sleeping Beauty" during the times she visited him while he was in coma, which makes Archer happy. A.J. unwittingly embarrasses her mother by revealing that Lana referred to Archer as a "Sperm-Delivery Device". Archer then gives Lana a look and she tries to save face by claiming that she "said that one time".

After being rescued, A.J. is returned to the boarding school but is sometimes mentioned by her parents such as in "London Time" when Archer tries to prove that Lana is not fun when he brings up how she made him change A.J.'s diapers twice in one day, to which Lana replied that it was for his child (even though Lana only refers to A.J. as Archer's daughter when it is convenient for her).

In "Photo Op", Lana confesses that seeing Archer bonding with a baby gorilla makes her miss taking care of A.J. but doesn't want to leave the agency since Lana feels it could fall apart without her. This could serve as confirmation that Lana has grown to prioritize A.J.'s education and her own career over her family. Later, Lana is once again mad at Archer when he tells Lana to give the gorilla a message in case he gets killed during the mission but upon being questioned by Lana, Archer simply asks Lana to "tell [A.J.] I said bye". Though it could also mean that, while Archer loves his daughter, he has a hard time connecting with her seeing how Robert took over his role as A.J.'s dad and with her being left behind at her boarding school, he's not given anything to really bond with her.

As of "Mission: Difficult", A.J.'s grandmother Malory retired and moved away with her husband to an undisclosed location. Lana and Robert's relationship ended and Robert sold ISIS so it is currently unknown whether A.J. will be brought home and go to a normal school since Lana has stated she misses her daughter and she can no longer count on Robert's money to help her pay for the boarding school.


A.J. is a five year old girl with green eyes, shoulder lenght thick curly brown hair and a medium-brown complexion. She looks nearly identical to her mother except that A.J. is of mixed-race since her father is white and her mother is black so her skin is lighter than her mother's.

As a preschooler, A.J. is tall for her age, making her appear older. She has her hair tied in a ponytail with a pink ribbon tied around it. She wears a pink winter coat, navy blue jeans and pale blue snow boots.

As a two year old, she wore a frilly, cream colored, sleeveless smocked dress with peach colored horizontal stripes as well as a sash and Mary Jane shoes of the same color with white stockings and her hair tied in two pigtails with two white ball hair bands. At Woodhouse's funeral, she wore a black dress over a white, long sleeved shirt, black stockings and black Mary Jane shoes.

As a baby, she had very thin hair and always wore at least two long sleeved pink onesies; one with buttons on the front and fucsia pink trimming on the neck and sleeves as well as the feet and another one that was all pink whose sleeves looked like a bolero jacket and sometimes had a pink ribbon around her head.


A.J. is overall a happy, kind and polite child. Despite her mother and stepfather sending her to boarding school overseas she seems to love them very much and look up to them. A.J. even attacked a dangerous criminal to protect her mother and while scared she didn't cry while in captivity, showing that she is very brave. She also seems to be fond of Archer despite being unaware that he is her biological father. For example, during the times when Lana took her to see Archer while he was in coma, A.J. kissed him in an attempt to wake him up like in the tale of the "Sleeping Beauty" and greeted him with a handshake upon being introduced to him.

A.J. shows strong hints in both body language and perception, that she inherited Archer's traits, including a liking of dominating the conversation. An example of this is when A.J. first introduces herself to Archer where she, like her father has done on previous occasions, holds out her index finger as to interrupt Archer while she finishes her juice box. This is something Archer is known to do with his drinks. The behavior can seem intimidating in nature. As with the "Sleeping Beauty", her perceptive skills and exploits are remarkably similar to that of Archer's, e.g. when she recollects Lana's description of Archer as a 'Sperm-Delivery Device', and feels the need to bring this detail up, a kind of nitpicking Archer is known to do extensively. However, is plausible these characteristics are due to her young age.


  • A.J. was born in the Republic of San Marcos ten days before her due date and was delivered by Pam with some help from Malory.
  • When A.J. was first born, she exhibited similar traits of Archer, such as raising one finger as if to say "just a minute" while nursing. This was a definite clue that she was his daughter seconds before Lana confirmed it.
  • A.J. never got to meet Woodhouse since he went missing around the time of her birth.
  • Abbiejean was named after Lana's grandmother.
    • Abbiejean is also the name of creator Adam Reed's grandmother. Apparently his reasoning for using the name was to get it back into circulation.
    • Later on, A.J.'s name is changed to add "Malory" as her middle name, thus having A.J. named after one relative from each side of her family.
  • It is unknown what A.J.'s original middle name was, or if she even had one at all, before being given the middle name "Malory".
  • Out of all of her parents' colleagues, Pam seems to like A.J. the most and is very protective of her.
  • Archer and Lana's coworker Ray Gillette expressed interest in being A.J.'s guardian should her parents die even though he was smoking in front of the infant A.J..
  • Malory is convinced that she will have to pay for a liposuction for A.J. as a graduation gift.
  • According to Lana, being impregnated with Archer's sperm was not her idea, but Malory's. However, when confronted, Malory told Lana to "prove it".
  • When A.J. was still a baby, Cheryl Tunt had a strong dislike of her (and babies overall), even referring to her as "fat, gross baby" and suggested kidnapping her and sending her to Bhutan to train with Ra's Al Ghul (referencing Damian Wayne from Batman) just to ruin Archer and Lana's relationship (back when they had reconciled). It is unknown if Cheryl's opinion of A.J. changed now that she is no longer a baby.
  • Malory expects Abbiejean to call her "Grandmother Archer".
  • In "Deadly Prep", it shows that A.J. had toy spaceships and may have been interested in astronomy or at least one of her parents liked the subject and tried to teach A.J. about it.
  • In "Sitting", it can be seen that among A.J.'s things that there was a stuffed ocelot. Her father has an extreme enthusiasm for wild felines and probably gave the toy to her in an effort to share that with her, further demonstrating his strong affection for his daughter.
    • It is also implied that Malory may want A.J. to be a spy like herself and Archer or at least to know how to use guns since at one point Malory let A.J. manipulate a gun as revealed in "Caught Napping".
  • Archer has threatened to have A.J.'s grandmother Malory arrested on multiple occasions whenever she restricted A.J.'s food when her parents allowed Malory to care for her while they were away. In "Caught Napping", it is shown that Malory still doesn't like it when her granddaughter eats carbohydrates.
  • A.J. has many things in common with her father, Archer:
    • Both were born in war zones outside the US.
    • Both their mothers are spies who were not married when they gave birth.
    • Both are rarely called by their first names as Archer's co-workers (sans Malory) call him by his last name while they and A.J.'s family usually call her by her nickname.
    • Both slept in the same crib as babies due to Woodhouse passing down Archer's old crib to A.J. as a baby shower present on Archer's behalf after he failed to give Lana the present he had originally planned.
    • Both have the middle name "Malory" after Archer's mother/A.J.'s paternal grandmother (In A.J.'s case, Malory used extensive manipulation and bribery to force Lana into adding this to the infant's original name.)
    • Both were sent to boarding schools at five years old (but unlike Archer, A.J. doesn't seem to be negatively affected by this, or at least didn't show it).
    • Both are unaware of who their real fathers are since not even Malory knows who Archer's father is while Lana decided to keep this information from A.J. and let her believe Robert is her father for the time being.


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