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Sterling and Lana firing AK's

Sterling and Lana fire AK-47's aboard the Argo

The AK-47 is a gas operated, rotating bolt, assault rifle in use by most Warsaw Pact nations. It is one of the most commonly used weapons in Archer.

Weapon Details[]

Firing a 7.62mm round, the weapon can be fired in semi or full auto. It is one of the most popular assault rifles in the world due to its low production cost and extreme durability, it is common among communist nations, revolutionaries, and terrorist groups. Also known as a Kalashnikov (the name of its designer) it has an effective range of 300 meters in full auto and 400 meters in semi mode and uses 10 to 40 round magazines.


  • In "Skorpio," Sterling Archer and Lana Kane fight Skorpio's henchmen with Skorpio's own AK-47s.
  • In "White Nights," the Russian army are armed with these weapons, both when the find Archer after his miscalculated landing from his parachute, and when they are about to execute him in the elevator.
  • In "Double Trouble," during a flashback to the previous episode, we once again see the Russian's armed with AK-47s from Katya Kazanova's point of view.
  • In multiple parts of "Heart of Archness" Archer and Rip Riley use AK-47s to fend off Pirates.
  • It is seen with its many derivatives, such as what appears to be a Chinese 56 and the AK-74 on the ISIS armory on the wall.